A New Turning Point for ZooGames

As you might have already noticed, the ZooGames protocol recently integrated an additional social login option for Web2 players. After numerous discussions with gaming studios, we realized that the perfect gaming protocol must achieve maximum reach across multiple areas and that without making some profound changes, ZooGames would remain limited to its niche category.

We therefore decided to open ZooGames to all and make this amazing project even more exciting than it already is. From now on, all Web3 — and even Web2 — games are welcome on our platform.

We also wish to become a Web2 / Web3 gaming catalog, implement social interactions, set up a rating system and offer other unique content for use by all blockchain communities.

Additionally, our ZooGames protocol will allow all users to view their gaming NFT collections, and this no matter the chain. ZooGames can become a new kind of gaming portfolio.

How to list games on ZooGames?

Until now, there has been no game listing strategy in place for ZooGames. The work required is important and we have decided to ask for participation from our community.

As a dedicated Zoo community, we believe this important endeavor should be handled by trusted fellow ZooKeepers who are familiar with the project and can complete the task using accurate info, and of course get rewarded for it.

We invite people (ONLY serious users) to join the Telegram group created for this occasion and which will be set to private once full.

Do not hesitate to ask questions to our Telegram Community Managers t.me/Tarestyles and t.me/onlysilverlake or to join us on our official channel t.me/ZooEcosystem

Reminder of important links and socials:

Official ZOO Ecosystem Website: Zoo.One

Official ZooKeeper Website: ZooKeeper.finance
* Documentation: docs.ZooKeeper.finance

Official OpenZoo Website: OpenZoo.io
* Documentation: docs.OpenZoo.io

Official ZooGames Website: Zoo.Games
* Documentation: docs.Zoo.Games/

Official ZooGenes Website: ZooGenes.io
Official Twitter: twitter.com/ZooEcosystem
Official Telegram: t.me/ZooEcosystem
Official Discord: discord.gg/ZooEcosystem

Official YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/ZooEcosystem
Official Announcement Channel: t.me/ZooKeeperAnn
Official Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/ZooEcosystem/
Official Instagram: www.instagram.com/ZooEcosystem/

Official ZooKeeper Merchandise: zoofarming.myspreadshop.net/\

Source : blog.zoo.one

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