A New Front Door to Web3.0 by Humbl Pay: Search 3 Engine is Live

Through Search 3, consumers can search NFTs across Ethereum, Blocks, Polygon, Solana, and Gnosis by wallets or contract address.

A Gateway to Web3

HUMBL introduced Search 3, a cross-chain search engine built on blockchain that lets users explore Web 3, the new decentralized version of the world wide web.

Humble recently made a public announcement on June 1, as the protocol posted a video on YouTube featuring Brian Foote, CEO of HUMBL, explaining the new release. One of the first cross-chain NFT search engines, Search 3 lets consumers search NFTs directly from their wallets or contracts with entities across Ethereum, BLOCKS, Polygon, Solana, and Gnosis.  

“We are really excited to introduce this sort of core magnet that is search 3, meaning this is your front door to Web3, and around that, we have the Humbl wallet bringing in digital wallets, NFTs, verifiable credentials, and things that allow you to step up to the counter and transact in value between you and another person, you and a corporation or you and a government,” Foote explained in the Youtube video. 


Consumers can further verify that NFTs have been “Verified by BLOCKS,” preventing fraud and forgery on NFT marketplaces. Additionally, the search engine displays the various marketplaces from which NFTs can be purchased. 

“This will be one of the first search engines in the world where you can look for NFTs by name, wallet address, and contract address across Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. Like if you type in BAYC, it comes back with a price, description details, and other functionalities,” the CEO further added.

Also on the way is the HUMBL Web Wallet, which lets users swap, transact with, and manage digital assets using Web 3. While transacting on the Search 3 ecosystem, the Web Wallet employs security features such as two-factor authentication and enhanced warnings on potentially questionable transactions.

HUMBL plans on monetizing the Web 3 search engine through advertising sales, branded content, NFTs, marketplace commissions, tokenized incentive and loyalty programs, as well as referral fees on delivery services.

As part of the Search 3 roadmap, customers can use other Web 3 services in the coming days, including Metaverse, Government Services, and Origin Assurance, to track merchandise and collectibles using blockchain. Further, HUMBL is also developing a companion “Mail 3” privacy-focused email service for global customers. 

BSC News reached out to Brian Foote for more information on Search3, but we didn’t get a response. You can access the Search 3 engine here.

What is Humbl Pay:

With Humbl’s Merchant Services Software, governments can migrate national currencies to digital versions and perform critical functions like cross-border remittance, foreign exchange, bill payment, and lending from smartphones. Founded in 2019, its headquarters are in Brownsville, Texas.

Learn more about Humbl Pay:

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