A Look Into This Weeks Top Movers on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Impressive gains were made over the previous week and some new projects have continued the rally.

Velorex (VEX)

VEX Token, the native token for Velorex, slammed an impressive 2000% for holders over the last 7 Days!

VEX Token | Source

The platform markets itself as the next-gen decentralized banking app, created to remove the middleman in the transaction process and rewards users. They plan to release an ATM in which VEX smart contracts will be integrated; or better, integrate their smart contract with already available ATM engines.

The token growth is wild and has been attributed to many significant strides the team has been making. For example, a few hours ago, the token was re added to CoinmarketCap alongside a new listing on Coingecko. The announcement was made via this Tweet.

The main feature of the software include:


iOS App

Android App

Web App

P2P and OTC modes (buy from peers or exchanges)

Pairings with the top 20 fiats/crypto pairs

Linked with PancakeSwap and Binance API.

The VEX token rally may be a result of the features lined up for the protocol. The expected release of the protocol is in the next 20 days, i.e., July 3rd, according to this Tweet. 

An ATM integration is no minor deal; the project seems ambitious with lofty ideas and plans to release its Blockchain and exchange before 2022. But, so far, so good we can only treat such news as speculative until they are achieved.

To learn more about Velorex; check out the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Bitcointalk

ByteNext (BNU) 

BNU, the native token for the ByteNext NFT platform, rallied upwards to 99% for token holders, according to data from BSC News Dashboard Token Tracker.

BNU Token | Source

ByteNext aims to build a platform where artists worldwide can leverage the protocol and make their arts NFTs on the BSC network. Furthermore, the network proposes an open and fair auction for NFTs globally and aims to bring real value to NFTs.

On June 10, the platform staking program commences rewarding stakers with BNU and NFTs. The staking program starts on the 10th of June and ends on the 10th of July.

Stake BNU on Avatarart.orgSource

APR reward on the program is dependent on the duration of stake, 120 days being the highest with 150% APR. The Total Value Locked (TVL) in the protocol amounts to $218,788 at the time of this report. A guide on how to join the staking program is detailed in this Medium post.

NFTs are still a big deal and are highly lucrative since the last peak of the market; the industry growth hasn’t decelerated despite the corrections happening lately. ByteNext BNU Token leverages this growing industry’s many upsides to rise to prominence over the last week.

Take a guess and name the oracle network the project is partnering with soon; heres a hint!

Check out the following resource to learn more about ByteNext:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

CrossFi (CRFI)

Although it has gradually begun to correct intraday, CRFI weekly and 14 days market gain saw the network token rally a whopping 51.59% and 548.9%, respectively.

CRFI Token | Source

The token rally may be due to its dapp launch today projected by the team via this Tweet, met with great enthusiasm from the community.

In a separate update, the decentralized asset lending and liquidity sharing protocol shared a Medium guide with specific details for users who want to cross between BSC and ETH blockchains for CRFI tokens.

Despite what looked like a power tussle between old team members and the new team members an attempt to damage the project’s reputation failed. The multichain project built on top of BSC and ETH has continued to soar.

Source: bsc.news

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