A Glimpse of the Philippine Web3 Festival on BSC News Twitter Spaces

Philippine Web3 Festival speakers discussed the GameFi landscape, sustainability of the dual token economy, and future of blockchain gaming.

Web3 Leaders in Manila

Representatives of XY Finance, YGG, and GAMEE, who are all speakers in the upcoming Philippine Web3 Festival, joined a BSC News Twitter Spaces event and shared their expertise with listeners.

Blockchain gaming was the main focus of the Twitter Spaces, which took place Nov. 7. The group talked about the GameFi landscape, the sustainability of the dual token economy, and the future of blockchain gaming during the hour-long discussion. Axie Infinity is what put the sector on the map, but the game’s tokenomics model proved unsustainable in the bear market.

“The whole industry has learned a lot from Axie,” Bozena Rezab, Co-Founder of GAMEE, said in the Twitter Spaces. “Seeing them launch the first major game in the industry was great but now everybody is saying their model doesn’t work. But if it wasn’t for Axie, we might not be even having this conversation right now.”

Rezab continued by saying that a lot of learnings were derived from what Axie Infinity has done, which ultimately helps the industry as a whole. She also said that simply stating that a dual-token economy, the tokenomics Axie Infinity utilizes, doesn’t work is an oversimplified statement.

“I think we’re still learning and figuring things out and that’s what makes [this space] fun,” Rezab said. “Ownership and earning adds another motivation to why people play games, but it is definitely not the only one.”

Community is another aspect that Rezab highlighted that separates Axie Infinity from other blockchain games. Axie Infinity became a digital nation to a point where players wanted to associate themselves to the game. There exists a sense of belonging that comes with being part of the Axie Infinity community.

The Philippine Web3 Festival is happening from Nov. 14-18 and features a star-studded list of guest speakers. Check out their website to purchase your tickets.

Source : bsc.news

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