A Dive Into bLaunch as First IDO Nears

The cross-chain platform looks to build on innovation by offering a custom token launchpad for new projects

The Announcement

bEarn.fi announced on Saturday, June 5th that they are going live with their own launchpad: bLaunch. bEarn wants to bring new and exciting projects to their platform with additional support for marketing, development, and liquidity. Despite a recent exploit that resulted in losses of around $1.1 million, the protocol has not been discouraged and has delivered on their promise to continue building.

What is bLaunch?

bLaunch will function as a token sale platform that ties token distribution to nascent projects released on their platform. The latest addition to the bDEX decentralized platform will act as a liquidity exchange for BDO and bDEX tokens to increase profits. The team believes strongly in collaboration and cross-promotion and hope this will be the start of many launches. 


Through bLaunch, bEarn Fi will offer a variety of new token options for users. They will present options from current projects as well as new partners.  bEarn announced on Twitter that the first Initial Dex Offering (IDO) will happen within the next two weeks for the project Alpha leak. 

Big Benefits for Participation

The bEarn team spelled out the unique benefits for participants, which is displayed below.


There are also more exciting offers for BFI, BDOv2 & BDEX token holders to incentivize participation As an investor, bLaunch will enable the farmers and investors of BFI, BDOv2 & BDEX to access the various new tokens without the required threshold minimums reserved for investment funds. However, they must be one of the first to obtain the new token in order to circumvent the threshold requirements.

IDO tokens will also be paired with BDOv2 or bDEX to work with bVaults. A percentage of profits gained through bVaults will be used to buy back BDO and BDEX which will put positive buy pressure upon the new tokens over time. bLaunch fees will also be used to burn and buy back BDEX and BDOv2 for similar reasons.

bLaunch will also give participating projects the chance to join bVaults’ yield farming optimizers that can offer stakers up to double and triple rewards.

How to Participate

Projects and their teams must submit a form detailing their tokennomics and project vision in order to participate. The bEarn Business Development team has received multiple applications and all applications will be reviewed for qualification and optimal earnings by bEarn’s team.

Users must meet three criteria to participate:

Stake bPower for at least 7 days

Provide BLP BDEX/BNB for at least 7 days

bPower owners have the privilege to buy IDO 30 minutes in advance.

The IDO tokens will be allocated evenly–50/50– between BDEX/BNB LP buyers and bPower buyers. Users will need BNB to buy the first IDO tokens and the tokens will appear in the buyer’s wallet after the IDO finishes. The plan for the remaining balance of unsold tokens is as of now unknown. Tokens could be burned or sold depending on the project.

About bEarn Fi

The bEarn Fi community is one of the most active communities on Binance Smart Chain. They provide governance, NFTs, lending, and treasury to both Ethereum and BSC blockchains. The site has over 10,000 active members and should provide plenty of support to participating projects on their platform.

Source : bsc.news

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