A Complete Dive into KALM Tokenomics, Kalmar’s Native Token

KALM’s tokenomics model aims to ensure a healthy and fair long-term solution for its users. From experienced traders to new users entering the crypto world, the Kalmar team intends to create an environment that provides an opportunity for all its users to benefit from each product on their platform.

What You Need To Know About Kalmar’s Native Token

Kalmar will be launching its native token, KALM, to be utilized with the platform’s current and future products.

Here’s a quick summary of Kalmar’s native token:

Token Name: Kalmar Token

Token Ticker: KALM

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Contract Address: (TBA)

WARNING: At the time of writing, the KALM token has not been officially launched. Users can only attain KALM tokens at the official launch, which will be announced from Kalmar’s official social media accounts.

Here’s how the KALM tokens will be utilized and distributed according to their roadmap:

Product Rewards

Of the total supply, 60% of KALM tokens (6,000,000) have been allocated to be distributed as rewards among the products Kalmar is developing. This allocation will be gradually distributed over the next 30 years.

This gradual release will ensure that the number of tokens released will generally decrease over the 30 years, directly reducing inflation as time passes.

Kalmar intends to build multiple projects on its platform to bridge the gap between crypto and any individual who might be new to crypto. Currently, only the Leveraged Yield Farming product has been announced, but there is a store of other financial products. The company has also hinted toward nonfungible tokens and gaming products. The allocated sum of KALM will provide a healthy and sustained rewards system for users.


15% of the total supply (1,500,000) has been allocated for fundraising purposes (private and public funding). This allocation will be distributed with a linear release for two years from the token’s launch.

The Kalmar team has included capable investors within its fundraising rounds, intending to build solid initial capital and create a base of early users who will be the solid foundations of Kalmar’s community.

Team and Partners

25% of the total supply (2,500,000) has been allocated for Kalmar’s team and partners (17% and 8%, respectively). This allocation will be distributed with a linear release over the next ten years.

To provide more transparency for users, the Kalmar team has made its intentions clear regarding the team’s and partner’s allocation for the token.

These funds are primarily used for the expenses of the project —- hiring and expanding the various teams, continuing research, development of products, and the upkeep of the project.

It is worth noting that both the fundraising and the team and partner allocations will be distributed with a linear release. Unlike startups or projects with an immediate release or unlock of tokens, a linear and gradual release of tokens reduces sudden or drastic fluctuations in the token’s price.

Emission Schedule

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