MetaMarket – The Opensea Killer in Binance Smart Chain with Real-life NFT Utilities

MetaReserve – the superior platform designed and built by a trusted team of renowned experts – will bring you the perfect convenience when entering the DeFi industry.

The team of fully doxxed and experienced FinTech professionals, blockchain developers, and NFT fanatics at MetaReserve are proud to announce the launch of their new NFT Marketplace, MetaMarket.

MetaReserve aims to lead the development of the world’s first Metaverse of Innovations, incubating and collaborating with blockchain games, DeFi, NFT and Metaverse projects. This is a virtual world where you and I can meet, have fun and explore new opportunities together.

So what is MetaMarket?

MetaMarket is MetaReserve’s NFT Marketplace, the place to buy, sell and auction NFTs. The team is pushing to attract influencers to MetaMarket such as partnering with the NFT of world famous sports athletes. Oliver Maratos (Oli), Chief Executive Officer of MetaReserve confidently said: “They are in fact strategic partners as we’re looking to launch NFTs and to build games/facilities in the metaverse. We do have the capabilities, capacity and financial strength to develop the metaverse, we see this as essential because it is a race, and we want to win. With the concept of what we’re building, bringing innovations, bringing you “Play To Earn” games, a virtual world to meet some of your favorite celebrities, virtual concerts, it is going to be exciting.

Many famous people in various industries have cooperated with MetaReserve because they see the potential of the project and believe that MetaMarket can be a powerful tool that will open up great opportunities in the future. The parties involved are all very pleased with the huge, rich growth and more meaningful benefits they can provide to the community, fans, users and investors.

Below, take a look at some of the NFT Collections that are going viral on MetaMarket!

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I. BYD – The Metaverse’s First NFT Collection Pegged to SEV Shares

1. Introduce

BYD has risen to become one of China’s largest privately owned firms and a pioneer in rechargeable battery technology in over 50 nations and regions since its founding in 1995.

They create a Zero Emission Energy Ecosystem that incorporates economical solar power generation, reliable energy storage, and advanced electrified transportation to construct and establish a sustainable future.

BYD will shortly create a virtual showroom for the BYD Business Center on MetaReserve’s MetaMarket to showcase BYD and SEV vehicles (Singapore Electric Vehicles).

Business magnate Warren Buffet’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, has 8.2% of the shares of BYD, which is more than it holds of General Motors.

2. BYD Collections Featured on MetaMarket

These are their initial NFT Collections in the Metaverse that are pegged to SEV shares. Let’s take a look at the 2400 Limited Edition NFTs together.

1200 BYD e6 NFTs:

1200 BYD Han NFTs:

3. The Advantages of Owning BYD NFTs

As a BYD NFT holder, you will enjoy exclusive perks such as:

➣ Pegged to SEV shares.
➣ Limited-edition tangible products are available to members.
➣ Invitation to exclusive events.

The BYD NFT rides are not to be missed!
Now is the time to get your BYD NFT


1. EPOWERS will power the future of eBikes.

EPOWERS is the lightest and most elegantly handcrafted E-bike ever developed to assist you in overcoming any obstacle you may encounter on the road. This electric propulsion system blends pioneering with cutting-edge technology. The industry’s best IT company selects and manufactures its components entirely in Europe. This results in a bike that’s reliable, long-lasting and best-in-class according to the industry’s highest standards.

2. EPOWERS featured collections on MetaMarket 

On MetaMarket, there are 3,120 Next-Gen eBikes NFTs available, with three different types of NFTs to choose from: Silver eBikes NFT, Gold eBikes NFT, PREMIUM eBikes NFT.

2720 Silver eBikes NFTs 

For each Silver eBikes NFT purchased, you will receive:
⏵0.005 percent EPOWERS shares
⏵A free EbikeGP race ticket
⏵A virtual EPOWERS bike for EPOWERS virtual bike race (P2E) game “EPOWERS GP,”
⏵A lucky draw chance to win “EPOWERS Competition Bike” (Not For Sale – This is EPOWERS racers’ competition eBike).
⏵Access to the EPOWERS private community for life, as well as the EPOWERS Club in Metaverse, where you can meet your favorite cyclists!

300 Gold eBikes NFTs

You will receive the following gifts with each Gold eBikes NFT purchase:
⏵0.025 percent of EPOWERS shares
⏵A free entry to an EbikeGP race
⏵A virtual EPOWERS bike for the “EPOWERS GP” EPOWERS virtual bike race (P2E) game
⏵A complimentary EPOWERS Bike (non-motorized) model 2022 (retail price USD2,000)
⏵Access to the EPOWERS private community for life, as well as the EPOWERS Club in Metaverse, where you can meet your favorite cyclists!

100 Platinum eBikes NFTs 

You will receive the following gifts with each purchase of Platinum eBikes NFT:
⏵0.064 percent of EPOWERS shares
⏵A free EbikeGP race ticket
⏵A virtual EPOWERS bike for the “EPOWERS GP” EPOWERS virtual bike race (P2E) game.
⏵A complimentary EPOWERS Bike 2022 model with a retail value of USD5,700
⏵Access to the EPOWERS private community for life, as well as the EPOWERS Club in Metaverse, where you can meet your favorite cyclists!

3. Incredible advantages of having EPOWERS Bike NFTs

 EPOWERS shares
 Race tickets for the EbikeGP
 Virtual EPOWERS bike (EPOWERS GP P2E game)
 A chance to win a “EPOWERS Competition Bike” through a lucky draw
 Free REAL-LIFE EPOWERS Bike (motor and non motorized)
 EPOWERS Club in Metaverse and lifetime access to EPOWERS private community

Only eBike NFT holders are entitled to the full range of benefits.

Here’s where you can get your eBike NFT

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III. Tom Zanetti’s Exclusive Party Impeccable Club (TZ-EPIC)

1. Introduce

Tom Zanetti’s Exclusive Party Impeccable Club (TZ-EPIC) is a Metaverse party of 10,000 pals hosted by world-famous DJ Tom Zanetti. Only his clique has access to all of the events and enjoys all of the privileges in his area because he owns the best clubs, music, and pals in the Metaverse.

EPIC NFTs’ technical partner is MetaReserve. The NFT collection will be available only on MetaMarket, with a total of 12 character versions (6 female and 6 male). Each NFT has its own set of characteristics and fashion statement, as well as privileged access in the real world and in the metaverse, and rewards for the holders.

2. Highlights of the EPIC NFTs

Privileges in the Virtual and Real World

Transcend music and use the metaverse to convey alternate forms of oneself. On the BSC blockchain, all 10,000 NFTs are handcrafted in 2D (9500) and rendered in 3D (500 uncommon) as your PFP avatars.

What every Tom’s fan wishes for: a meal at Tom’s restaurant, a table at his club, festival tickets, one-on-one meetings and sit-downs, and so on, are all realities that you may check off your bucket list if you own an EPIC NFTs.    

Experience a Digital Party

Owning an EPIC NFT grants you early access to community-only perks such as exclusive collaboration NFT drops, early access to exclusive music drops, access to an exclusive community lounge, special guest appearances on stage at major festivals in person, and many more exciting features in the future.

Membership in the VIP Club

Get first access to airdrops and whitelists for the most exciting forthcoming metaverse crypto projects. Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to be among the first to invest in the next big thing.

3. Roadmap

Phase 1

Unleash 10,000 sexy party animals in you.
In the Metaverse, claim your one-of-a-kind changed identity.
This NFT is your ticket to a thrilling adventure in MetroPowers (MetaVerse).
– Take advantage of fantastic physical presents such as merch.
– Airdrop of $POWER for you to stake and earn
– The Treasury will vote on whether to support the next wave of innovative metaverse ventures.

Phase 2

Connect, Explore, and Have Fun
To have more fun in the metaverse, we’ve teamed up with some of the world’s biggest companies and DJs.
– Real-life events
– Special appearances on stage at major festivals as a special guest
– Introductions and Meet-and-Greets
– Access to exclusive UK clubs
– Access to the VIP Event for 3D hodlers or hodlers with 10 NFTs or more

Phase 3

In metaverses like Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Bloktopia, you can buy lands and party every day.
– Virtual events (parties, concerts, etc.)
– Early access to cooperation NFT is no longer available.
– Get a sneak peek at upcoming music releases.

Phase 4

Begin developing P2E games and avatars to create a full-fledged metaverse party!
– Earn money by playing Nightclub City Revival, a game in which Tom controls a mafia club in this metaverse.
– More rights and benefits for hodlers
– Music by international DJs at a Metaverse Party for all Holders 

IV. Collaboration and development together

It is known that MetaMarket as well as MetaReserve always welcome any collaboration whether it is with individuals or professional organizations. If you have a need to explore, launch your NFT collections, as well as business opportunities in this blockchain market, they will always be very willing to establish a partnership to grow together. This collaboration will be towards mutual benefit (win – win) through the best policies and programs for partners.

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