MoonRat Hackathon and NFT Contest- $43k to be Won

MoonRat continues to spur innovation, offering a hackathon and NFT contest. These incentives aim to drive further value to the platform while also bootstrapping projects and users to the BSC ecosystem

I. What is MoonRat Hackathon (for developers)?

The MoonRat Hackathon is a competition where our team will evaluate projects based on their technical merits and the use for the MoonRat community. The Hackathon’s purpose is to find ways to expand the MoonRat adoption.

II. Prizes

Grand Prize

The best project will receive a prize of 24,000 BUSD

First Place
2 projects share the reward of 10,000 BUSD

Second Place
5 projects share the reward of 6,000 BUSD

There is no deadline. The event will end when we collect enough great projects! So, the sooner you apply, the higher chance you have to win win!

III. Dapp Hackathon Criteria

1. Utilities — Use SMRAT as a payment method

The most popular utility for a token is whether it is accepted as a payment method or not. So the most important milestone we want to achieve is to use SMRAT as a primary payment option. Suggestions: chart tools, price bot, games, … that use SMRAT for the payment

2. Reward Contribution

Since we are truly bringing the most effortless passive income, we want to enhance the reward pool sustainability. So we want to build DApps that can share their revenue and contribute to the reward pool (in BNB).

Suggestions: Any useful DApps that will charge an amount of BNB per transaction (counted as tax fee) and then send to SMRAT protocol contract:


3. Statistics and Education

We want projects to build (can be any kind of software applications, forum, community, …) and help raise awareness of SMRAT and educate our newcomers. The goal is to  help users understand what, why, and how they should own SMRAT.

Suggestions: SMRAT wikiHow, a beautiful statistics page for SMRAT to display how many holders, how much BNB was printed, how much LP was generated, an interaction tutorial website

4. Defi Use Cases

Since we have the collect BNB feature, we are no more only a community coin, we are truly bringing the most innovative things to the #DeFi table: earning while holding tokens.  The team has come up and is encouraging a “Delegate Pool” concept.

A Delegate Pool is a wallet address that retail investors will deposit their SMRAT to. The wallet address owner will collect BNB weekly and then redistribute the BNB reward to retail investors according to their pool shares. Thus helping decrease transaction fees for all.

This is a new concept that requires a lot of integrity and trust. We still want to encourage this model and hope it will become more popular to SMRAT retail investors in the future. It has the potential to incredibly help SMRATs adoption.

IV. How to Submit?

Your submission must contain these files:

Source code

Documentations that guides step by step to deploy the project successfully in production

A presentation that describes the project

Send your submission to [email protected]

Please notice that the MoonRat Foundation will have the rights to use and deploy the code in production under the name and copyright on behalf of MoonRat.

If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected]

V. Testnet Materials

– Token Tracker:

– PancakeHelper (for buy/sell):

Note: if you want to sell SMRAT, you have to approve PancakeHelper as a spender first.

MoonRat NFT Contest

What is the MoonRat NFT Contest?

If you don’t know what NFT is, please read here first!

In the MoonRat NFT Contest, Rat Gang can create NFT like



Meme, Gif


Then submit your NFT to an NFT marketplace like BakerySwapOpenseaRarible, etc

The purpose of this contest is to expose MoonRat and Rat Gang to other communities.

A picture containing textDescription automatically generated
An NFT Sample from RAT GANG

How to Participate

Create MoonRat related NFT. You can use art from MoonRat branding. But we recommend you to create your own art.

Submit your NFT to any NFT Marketplace you like. One person can submit 1 art or multiple art to 1 or multiple NFT marketplace.

Remember to include this in your NFT description: #MoonRatNFTContest {Your BSC Wallet}

Submit to this link


The contest will end at 11:59 PM, 11 June 2021 (UTC time zone)

We will offer 10 rewards, each value 10,000,000,000 $SMRAT for the top 10 NFT has the largest revenue.

Of course, you can keep your revenue or donate a part of it to the BNB reward pool address: 0x68590a47578E5060a29fd99654f4556dBfa05D10

It means the more you can sell your NFT, the more people can know about MoonRat, the high chance you can win this contest.

Now, enjoy creating!

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC, it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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