RealFevr Sells Out First Round of Football NFT Packs, Over $1.5 Million Spent

Demand for RealFevr packs was high, the site crashed, and all packs sold out in a day.

Football NFT Frenzy

The first edition of the non-fungible token (NFT) packs released by RealFevr sold out in less than a day. 

The packs, which went live on Aug. 12, feature some of the most iconic moments from the world’s football’s most famous stars, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes. Fans spent over $1.5 Million on 75,000 packs.

“ATTENTION – THE PACK SALE IS NOW LIVE AGAIN! The insane demand for our packs led to an overflow of internet traffic. We apologize for any inconvenience. Best of luck!” the tweet read

The fever for the football NFTs is real high. They emulate the NBA’s Top Shot model with the world of football by offering video football moments backed by official intellectual property. Fans have every reason to be excited when RealFevr has such a quality list of participating players.

Three different packs went on sale in tiers of Basic, Rare, and Super Rare. The rarer the pack, the more chance to win a scarce NFT. The Super Rare and Rare packs were in most demand, selling out in less than one minute.


Legendary Star Power

Although the packs cannot be opened yet, fans have a clue of what they could win. Four tiers of players are available in the three packs: Common, Special, Legendary, and Unique. RealFevr listed the players in a Twitter post. Many players hail from Portuguese or Spanish backgrounds and are some of the world’s most popular and recognizable players.

The Unique 1/1 NFT will be of RealFevr ambassador and Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes. Fernandes followed up the digital hype with a hat-trick for the Red Devils in the season opener against Leeds United on August 14, two days after the NFT release.  

There will also be 50 legendary NFT copies of four other players. Two former Real Madrid stars, long-time Spanish keeper Iker Casillas and five-time Balon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. The two other players that made Legendary status are Colombian star James Rodriguez and Brazilian forward Hulk. The popularity of these four players and Fernandes surely helped draw the fans out to break the website and sell out the Super Rare packs so fast. 


RealFevr has caused quite a stir in the NFT world. Their project has done well to secure names and moments that will prove enjoyable to fans, whether as Basic or Super Rare packs. Without confirmation on when the NFTs will open, fans must wait, hoping to score an iconic moment.  

About RealFevr

RealFevr takes a multipronged approach to football fandom. It started as a fantasy football application in 2015 and has over 2.5 million downloads with 1.2 Million registered users. The protocol is now releasing the first-ever Football Video NFTs Marketplace, powered by Binance Smart Chain. The protocol uses their FEVR$ token as a Web 3.0 gateway to football’s greatest moments. The protocol is also a lending and borrowing protocol for fans to buy, sell, and profit from their collectibles.

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