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BSCDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome everyone to the AMA with Koala Defi. We invited our 2 good friends from Koala Defi team here @jeffmcfly @silfaster

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.comHi everybody, thank you for joining us! The Koala Defi team is looking forward to an educational and most important fun AMA to tell you all about our project 

BSCDaily – Admin: Alright guys, you ready to start our AMA on PolyDaily?

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.comI was born ready!

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team KoalaDefi please have a quick introduction to the community. What is KoalaDefi?

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: Oefff, that’s a hard one Ali! We have so much going on, but I’ll try to keep it short!

Koala Defi is a yield farming DApp and project launchpad running on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon chain.

We have 2 tokens, Lyptus, our deflationary governance token and Nalis, our cross-chain farming token.

The idea behind Koala Defi is to create a safe place for conservative farmers. Our mascotte, the koala, is a quiet animal that loves eating eucaLYPTUS and to sleep without having to worry about its LYPTUS while it grows. The name Nalis comes from Eucalyptus VimiNalis.

Before I’ll tell you more about our tokens I’d first like to give a brief overview of the 4 pillars of Koala Defi!

1) Innovation

Koala Defi will always stay innovative to reward our token holders. Yieldfarms come and go, only the ones that really bring something to the table will have longevity. Koala Defi is always working on new partnerships, functionality upgrades and a good working, state of the art, safe website.

2) Security

To create a long-term project, security of funds and data is essential. Not only do we strive to make Koala Defi the most secure yield farm, we also want to educate our investors on general crypto safety through our blog and social media channels. Koala Defi is fully transparent, has no migrator code and has a timelock contract in place. Koala Defi has been audited by Techrate and Certik (top 20 security score).

3) Community

Koala Defi is a community-driven project. We really care about our community and listen closely to them. Since we launched version 2 of our platform with the launch of Nalis token, LYPTUS has become the DOA governance token to give the community more power to vote on important project decisions. We love to give back to our community, keep an eye out for giveaways, contests and more!

4) Real-life utility

Koala Defi does not only want to make the DeFi space a better place, we also want to make the world a bit better. In version 2 a part of the deposit fees from farms and pools will automatically be sent to a Koala Defi charity address that is used to save koalas and their environment. At the launch of version 2, 10% of the deposit fees will be sent to this address.

Multiple koalas have already been adopted through donation. One of our proudest achievements. For our charity we use onlykoalas.com

So this is what we stand for and what we value! So we have 2 tokens. Lyptus and Nalis.

Let me give you a very brief introduction on both.

BSCDaily – Admin: Alright, sounds interesting 

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: Koala Defi started with Lyptus token, Lyptus token started out as our main farming token and with the introduction of Nalis token became our governance token with special perks

This image summarizes its functionalities!

We have some HIGH APR bushes for Lyptus token and Lyptus token will play an important role in our IKO project launches and NFK, we’ll talk about those in a bit!

Nalis token started out on the BSC smart chain and was bridge this past week to the Polygon chain! So we’re very proud to say we’re a multichain project now.

Nalis is a state-of-the-art token with great build-in functionalities like an auto chew function (burn) to keep the inflation down, will have auto compounding functions soon and is build with anti-whale functionality.

Q2: What are some utilities of this project? How do you manage to stand out in this competitive space of crypto?

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com:  Do you have a minute! We’re true builders! After all, we are the first ApeSwap BUIDL program graduates and have to keep up to that title!

Even Though koalas are very laid-back animals, our koaladevs are true superstars, we think it’s the coffee and eucalyptus pizzas we feed them.

Koala Defi always keeps innovating to keep up with the latest technology in DeFi.

We’re always working on keeping the platform state of the art.

In the first place, we’re a yield farm, so we offer great APR on a steady platform.

We have our bushes, pools where our natives’ tokens can be staked and one or two other tokens can be earned.

Jeff Hohner  – koaladefi.finance – Will never DM you for money: Need more !!! 

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: Since we just launched on the Polygon chain one of our primary focuses right now is building the best bridging service in DeFi!

Currently, we’re working on our own bridging service to transfer tokens between different smart chains, to ensure a safe decentralized way to be able to swap tokens between different chains.

Coming Jeff!

Jeff is our founder and main dev by the way guys! I totally forgot to introduce this superstar!

Back to the utilities.

We are a project launchpad, the Initial Koala Offering Launchpad. After having successfully launched our own Nalis token in our Launchpad we’ve been working on bringing new project launches to our platform for both the BSC smart chain and the Polygon chain.

Our latest Initial Koala Offering was Pearzap.com which sold out within 7 minutes or less.

In the first half of September we will offer our own NFK, the Non-Fungible Koalas, cryptopunt koala NFTs with gamification and functionality within the platform!  I will get back to the NFKs when we discuss our current roadmap in a bit!

Our devs are working very hard on introducing vaults on Koala Defi to make staking and earning even easier for our koalas.

Anything to add @jeffmcfly?

We have so much going on!

Jeff Hohner  – koaladefi.finance – Will never DM you for money: No man! That’s awesome!

But @silfaster can perhaps share you guys a small preview of our cryptopunk NFK collection…

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: Oooooh you think we should give them a preview?

Jeff Hohner  – koaladefi.finance – Will never DM you for money: Don’t know if we can already tease it…

Q3: What are the incentives for you guys to decide to launch on Polygon and BSC?

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: I love our devs! I’m very excited myself too.

Jeff Hohner  – koaladefi.finance – Will never DM you for money: I take that question! 

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: @jeffmcfly as founder and superdev, can you answer this one?

Jeff Hohner  – koaladefi.finance – Will never DM you for money: We decided to extend your platform to Polygon chain for many good reasons. Here are some of them :

Having KoalaDeFi on Polygon means exclusive Nalis farms available with lower gas fees and fast transactions.

I think everybody here already knows that a Polygon tx cost almost nothing 

Koala Defi on Polygon opens up to a whole new group of investors! We already saw the results after only few days!

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: I LOVE POLY TX! Farming and compounding all day every day!

Jeff Hohner  – koaladefi.finance – Will never DM you for money: Unlike BSC, Polygon is completely decentralized and continuously in development. Because of the compatibility with the Ethereum fork chain, it is very easy to duplicate and convert BSC smart contracts to Polygon which makes it the perfect chain to add to Koala Defi. Because Polygon is still relatively young, it grows rapidly and offers huge future potential 

Q4: Btw, congratulations on the 1 million TVL on the date launch with your token $NALIS. Can you walk us through that event?

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: Spread over our platform it’s even over 6M.

Koala Defi was always meant to be a cross-chain platform, we want to offer our users as much freedom and choice as possible.

After having launched Nalis token on BSC first in July we have been working hard on getting Nalis token to the great Polygon chain too!

We took our knowledge from the BSC chain to the Polygon chain and we’re building very hard to become one of the big ones out there on Polygon too!

Nalis Poly was launched on Polygon this past week!

So we’re far from done!

We have a ton of great partnerships coming up and some very exciting other additions to the platform we’ll tell you all about, we’re going to take Koala Defi to Mars!

Q5: Please walk us through your tokenomics. Where can we buy your tokens?

Jeff Hohner  – koaladefi.finance – Will never DM you for money: Yes for sure!

Sil already presented you our 2 tokens: LYPTUS and NALIS

In brief: LYPTUS is now fully deflationary and have still a bunch of utilities at KoalaDefi! It’s mainly our governance token.

NALIS is different with a list of built-in features like an automatic burn tax, anti-whale system, harvest period and such other great things! NALIS as now max cap but is burned like crazy with all the automatic features!

Silfaster koaladefi.finance onlykoalas.com: Because of the horrible bushfires in Australia that really hurt the koala population and their habitat we use the terms chew and eaten.

After all, we do charity for koalas! We want them to chew as much Nalis as possible 

Source : bsc.news

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