LuckyDoge – An All-New Meme Token With No Tax At All


Time: 26th, April, 12 PM UTC(The presale will last for only 1 hour)


PancakeSwap listing time:  26th, April, 1 PM UTC(At the end of the presale)

LuckyDoge’s BEP20 contract: 0x2a11bd0d1e928c98570d85c72398dd96802705aa

So, what is LuckyDoge? Is it Shiba Inu’s baby? Let’s find out.

I. Introduction

LuckyDoge is a meme token. In the doge universe, it is the greatest emblematic of good fortune. Despite living at the lowest rungs of the doge world and witnessing several injustices, this small puppy becomes the luckiest doge via his unwavering efforts and the blessing of the moon goddess and attempts to spread the lucky energy to all doges across the dogeverse.

What is LuckyDoge gonna do?

LuckyDoge will generate its own 1/1 LuckyDoge NFT collectibles that can be utilized in the LuckyDoge P2E game and metaverse, as well as a unique IP to promote luck and happiness in the doge cosmos. In order to breach the virtual barrier and eventually bring our dog to life, they will also manufacture ancillary tangible items such as LuckyDoge figurines.

II. Ecosystem

1. Meme

LuckyDoge is comparable to regular meme coins in some ways, but he stands out with the addition of virtual and realistic items that increase communication capacity.

2. NFT (Coming soon)

The LuckyDoge NFT will be available soon in a variety of styles, each of which is 1/1 and can be used in the LuckyDoge P2E game and metaverse.

3. Gamefi

LuckyDoge will offer additional highly playable doge-related P2E games to his massive fan base, as well as money.

4. LuckyDoge metaverse 

The LuckyDoge metaverse is the result of the ecosystem’s merger. The team will launch the LuckyDoge metaverse when everything is finished, such as animation, NFTs, and the LuckyDoge P2E game. This will allow players and their pups to create their own homes in this universe and do anything they want.

III. Tokenomics

There is no tax at all. On the BNB chain, the LuckyDoge token will be a BEP20 standard token.
LuckyDoge’s contract: 0x2a11bd0d1e928c98570d85c72398dd96802705aa


➤ Name & Symbol: LuckyDoge
Total supply: 100,000,000,000

➤ Blackhole: 51% of the Blackhole
Token Amount 51,000,000,000

➤ Public presale: 18%
Token Amount 18,000,000,000

➤ Initial Liquidity: 5%
Token Amount 5,000,000,000

➤ Airdrop: 1% distributed to the holders of Shiba Inu
Token Amount 1,000,000,000

➤ Marketing: 10% for launching preparation, consulting, and advertising
Token Amount 10,000,000,000

➤ Angel Round: 5%
Token Amount 5,000,000,000

➤ Seed Round: 10%
Token Amount 10,000,000,000

IV. Roadmap

Phase 1
➢ Website Design/Whitepaper/Deploying Smart Contracts
➢ Audit Contract
➢ Public Presale
➢ Launching
➢ Distribute tokens to Shib Holders

Phase 2
➢ Influencer Promotion
➢ Marketing and Promotion on main social media platforms
➢ Over 50,000 active members in the community

Phase 3
➢ Design NFTs for LuckyDoge
➢ NFTs open for minting
➢ Produce animation of LuckyDoge’s IP
➢ Create LuckyDoge’s entity dolls
➢ Sell LuckyDoge’s entity dolls
➢ Design LuckyDoge’s peripheral physical products

Phase 4➢ Develop LuckyDoge’s Application & Games
➢ Develop Metaverse of LuckyDoge
➢ Land planning and game aggregation in the LuckyDoge’s Metaverse

Phase 5
➢ Develop IP Store of LuckyDoge
➢ Cooperate with Hot Brand to launch LuckyDoge-exclusive products
➢ Cooperate with famous entertainer as image spokesperson for LuckyDoge products
➢ Set up a foundation

V. LuckyDoge Team

⧫ Cliff Bruce – CTO

Bruce has more than 8 years of expertise in blockchain development, front-end programming, and project management. He has hands-on expertise in smart contract creation, NFT, gaming, and bridge, among other things.

⧫ Louis Sandy – CO-FOUNDER

Sandy’s success in leading major blockchain initiatives is based on extensive expertise in a variety of roles, including CEO, CMO, and COO.

⧫ Tammy Mary – LEAD-DESIGNER

Mary is a professional UX and UI designer with a track record of success in the blockchain business. She is a problem solver and creative thinker who is skilled in wireframing, UX design, UI design, and prototyping.

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