$5M for the Crypto Influencers! Join a Unique Biswap Program

Participate in Biswap’s one-of-a-kind Space Agents Program and gain lucrative rewards.

Share in the Giant $5,000,000 Prize Pool

Biswap DEX is introducing you to a one-of-a-kind program for crypto influencers! It’s a unique opportunity for strong, active, passionate people to showcase their talents and share a giant prize pool of $5,000,000 in BSW tokens.

BSW is the native Biswap token with many utilities and more than 142K holders.

Biswap is looking for crypto enthusiasts to cooperate with and those ready to promote one of the leading DEXes on BNB Chain on their social media and other platforms by creating high-quality, engaging content.

Participate & Enjoy the Profitable Benefits!

Once you are a part of the $5 000 000 Influencers Program, you are guaranteed to experience perks that will leave you excited:

  • Earn up to $3,000 every month.
  • Receive BSW rewards and other partners’ tokens.
  • Gain up to 20% in Biswap token via Biswap multi-type referral program.
  • Increase your audience and get the support of the 600K+ community.
  • Work with the team of Biswap professionals.

Are you interested in becoming a Biswap influencer? Explore the essentials that each candidate should have.

A Perfect Biswap Influencer – the Main Requirements!

Biswap calls this program the Space Agents Program. So, Biswap is looking for a Space Agent to join their powerful and developing crew.

If you meet the criteria described below, then you are the perfect candidate:

  • You are educated and passionate about the crypto world.
  • You are a YouTube / Telegram /Twitter/ Instagram / Reddit / TikTok influencer with an active audience over 5K.
  • Your content is creative and high-quality.

Create in any language, but make sure that non-English videos have auto-translate or built-in English subtitles.

Do you recognize yourself in these requirements? Then hurry up to participate in the $5,000,000 affiliate program and get your mighty Biswap rewards!

Share $10,000 in BSW Tokens! The Monthly Spacewalk

Monthly Spacewalk is a mission that occurs every month for crypto influencers. The Biswap team gives particular topics for each mission. Choose the one from the list, make content, and share it with your audience.

You can become one of the 10 lucky winners to get the main reward and win a special nomination to gain even more:

  • Up to $3 000 in BSW rewards.
  • Extra Biswap rewards.
  • Partners’ token for an additional collaborative topic.

Moreover, the best ones will have an exciting opportunity to cooperate with Biswap on an individual basis! Prove yourself as a skilled, professional, and motivated participant to make a long-term affiliation with us. This will open up new opportunities for your development and boost your income.

How to Join? Follow the Conditions

As one of the most progressive DEXs, Biswap aims to cooperate with the most ambitious, hardworking, and responsible individuals. So, before applying for the $5,000,000 program for crypto influencers, make sure to peruse the following conditions:

  1. Register on the Biswap website via the Space Agents page. There you will also find detailed information about the program.
  2. Select the topic and create high-quality content that will meet all the requirements to become a winner.
  3. Share the content on your social media or other online platforms.
  4. Submit your content via the form on the Space Agents page.

The beginning of your cosmic crypto journey has begun! Find out the expanded explanation of the program here.

Last But Not Least

All your dreams may come true as they are one step away with Biswap Space Agents Program. Join now and open a future full of prosperous possibilities!

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