5000 of X-Metaverse StarSkeleton Blind Boxes To Be Launched on Binance NFT Marketplace

X-Metaverse is a Play-to-Earn GameFi 3D game built on BSC which introduces the StarSkeleton Blind Boxes.

Binance To Host The Launch Of X-Metaverse

It is reported that StarSkeleton Blind Boxes for X-Metaverse will be available on BinanceNFT Marketplace on March 24, 2022 at 11:00 AM (UTC). It is the last round of blind box sales before the official launch of the X-Metaverse.

Each player can purchase 20 StarSkeleton boxes maximum, and each blind box is priced at 30 BUSD. The blind box owner can participate in the exclusive X-Metaverse Discord event, and can also trade it on the X-Metaverse’s official marketplace after March 18th. It has no transfer fee and is a convenient marketplace on X-Metaverse official marketplace.

X-Metaverse says we have created a unique revenue policy to make your NFTs work. By taking the pilot you own, you can earn X-metaverse platform DAO tokens (XMETA). Each Pilot NFT has an initial hash count that can be used to advance in rank by consuming other Pilot NFTs. The total arithmetic power is calculated by adding up the arithmetic power of all NFTs. The number of XMETA tokens mined depends on the weighted average of your total hash count across the platform.

We also learned that Kane Lao, CEO of X-Metaverse, said in an AMA on March 17: As an expert in the gaming and blockchain gaming industry, the X-Metaverse team understands the needs of game developers and even more so the needs of users. X-Metaverse allows users to enjoy the main theme of the game directly, with strategic gameplay that enhances interest and experience while “play to earn”. We also work with users to create a metaverse Web 3.0 game format. We will continue to introduce a new gameplay mode, Battleship Racing, at the end of the V2 beta.

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What is X-Metaverse?

X-Metaverse is a Play-to-Earn GameFi 3D game built on BSC. All of the game’s content and characters are based on blockchain tokens and NFTs. The most exciting thing is that you can interact with other players through actions such as conquest, exploration, competition, mining, production, breeding, and combat. The game community lets the users participate and enjoy.






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