5 Things About XANALIA: A NFT x DeFi Marketplace on BSC for AR/VR Era

XANALIA, a primary Decentralized NFT Marketplace on BSC for AR/VR generation. It has been recently launched and marked over 37000% in growth. Here are 5 reasons why XANALIA still has high expectations.


1. 2021, Year for NFTs

Users have coined 2017 the year for ICO’s, 2018 for Smart Contracts, 2019 for Stablecoins, and 2020 for DeFi. It’s time to pass on the torch to make 2021 the year for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFT sales and volumes keep hitting new record highs every day. Monthly crypto art volume grew 466%  from 3 million to 14 million since the beginning of January 2021.

2. NFT x DeFi

The marriage among NFTs and DeFi is a significant joint effort that can be instrumental to more DeFi appropriation and crypto in general. Tokenization has the capability of making things more fascinating in the DeFi ecosystem.

XANALIA is a project which combines a Major NFT Marketplace to a decentralized network, the BSC. They incorporate the staple aspects of DeFi, such as liquidity mining, aka yield farming.

3. ALIA Token

ALIA is XANALIA’s platform token, with another role as Governance Token and Farming Token.

In XANALIA, general crypto users can earn within the NFT ecosystem by providing liquidity to swap pools. Users can also stake the platform token, ALIA, alongside NFTs to gain staking rewards. The team has upgraded the contract and redistributed the new v1.5Token. Since then, the ALIA token has experienced sustained growth.

4. NFT on Binance Smart Chain

NFTs need a sustainable future, and they naturally fit the technical advantages of the BSC. This is for several reasons, mainly due to low transaction fees. The BSC is also a high-performance network capable of producing a block every 3 seconds resulting in speedy transactions.

From the marketing perspective, while daily transaction numbers of BSC surpassed ETH, most NFTs still remain on the ETH network. This displays the space for growth for NFT market on BSC.

5. NFT x AR/VR

NFT collectors can interact with NFTs like never before with AR / VR features of XANALIA


The AR showcase allows users to bring virtual collectibles to real-world galleries. Users can walk around or move around them, pinch to zoom in and out; it gives another level of interaction for the users and their NFTs. It will be available in iOS / Android store and not to mention upcoming prominent VR Glasses.

Virtual Collection Display Room

Various virtual museums allow users to showcase their collectibles to their friends or to others in virtual space. It is a PC feature and available on VR as well. Here, the user can also customize the visuals of the room.

XR NFT marketplace

3D NFTs will be available in the virtual 3D marketplace. Users will be able to trade 3D objects. This is revolutionary for global economic ecosystems. It is not just limited to ordinary cryptocurrencies either; NFT tokenization of real-life assets will be done through XANALIA XR.


The blend of these components has delivered an exciting piece of innovation with plenty of space for growth. It takes the hype of NFTs and crypto enthusiast to a whole new level. If you have a passion for art and forecast a bullish future for NFTs, DeFi, and AR/VR Market, then perhaps you should consider XANALIA as a premiere.

Source : bsc.news

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