5 Bitcoin Mining Companies Pumping in Latest Market Upswing

The mini bull-run has extended outside the crypto industry to bitcoin mining companies in the stock market.

Five Bitcoin Mining Projects

The crypto market is experiencing a mini bull run in January 2023. The New Year has treated the markets well, seeing Bitcoin surpass $21,000 for the first time since November 2022.

The green arrows and positive returns have extended outside the crypto markets to bitcoin mining projects. Here we will look at five bitcoin mining projects pushing positive gains in the stock market over the past week between January 9 -16.

1. Riot Platforms

  • Name: Riot Platforms, Inc.
  • Symbol: $RIOT
  • Market Cap: $1 billion
  • Price: $6.39
  • 7-day increase: 26%

2. Marathon

  • Name: Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
  • Symbol: $MARA
  • Market Cap: $897 million
  • Price: $8.13
  • 7-day increase: 59%


  • Name: HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.
  • Symbol: $HIVE
  • Market Cap: $259 million
  • Price: $3.50
  • 7-day increase: 66%

4. Canaan

  • Name: Canaan Inc.
  • Symbol: $CAN
  • Market Cap: $506 million
  • Price: $3.12
  • 7-day increase: 30%

5. Hut 8

  • Name: Hut 8 Mining Corp
  • Symbol: $HUT
  • Market Cap: $310 million
  • Price: $1.74
  • 7-day increase: 65%

Several of the projects listed above have also performed remarkably year-to-day. For example, Hive Blockchain is up over 100%!

As bitcoin mining becomes more difficult and competitive––mining has grown more than 10% since Nov. ‘22–companies have to ramp up their efforts to continue to acquire as much bitcoin as they can.

The source used in this article was Yahoo! Finance.

Source : bsc.news

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