5 Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways to Use in Telegram

From social media to crypto transactions: These payment gateways make it easier to accept crypto for your business.

In recent years, social media, as one of the most popular advertising media in the world, has quickly become the target market of many online businesses.

The presence of more than 3 billion users who have joined this media in the simplest possible way and share personal daily life or receive news, entertainment, online shopping, etc., has provided a space for the competition of different businesses and brands. Such a diverse and crowded market has encouraged business owners to offer their products and services.

Among the multitude of networks and messengers, Telegram is known as a successful, safe, progressive, and creative messenger. Since 2013, with the unveiling of the first version of Telegram by Pavel Durov, the attention of many people, particularly supporters of freedom of speech, has been drawn to this messenger. One of the main features of Telegram is its high security. Telegram benefits from the end-to-end encryption system and thus protects users’ privacy.

In less than ten years, Telegram was able to provide different features and capabilities to users, and this caused the increasing popularity of this messenger (more than 700 million users).

Many business owners made significant improvements in their businesses through the various features of this messenger, such as channels, bots, groups, etc. Also, businesses prefer to use Telegram for their online merchants instead of older tools such as websites.

One of the primary needs of businesses in Telegram is payment services for providing services or selling their products. According to telegram privacy and security, and the wide range of Telegram users around the world, the possibility of paying with cryptocurrency can be one of the best options for payment service in Telegram.

Many crypto payment gateways are working on the internet, but with the research done, a limited number of these gateways are available to provide their services for Telegram users exclusively. In this article, we are going to review 5 of the best platforms that can create a crypto payment gateway for businesses on Telegram.

1. OxaPay

OxaPay is one of the crypto payment gateways that focuses on developing features to expand the use of cryptocurrency in Telegram. Features such as a crypto wallet in Telegram, the ability to set up a payment gateway for online shops channels and Telegram bots, and the ability to create membership fees for private channels (managing users and payments in the Telegram channel) are some of the exclusive features of OxaPay for Telegram. However, other features such as Payment links, Donation links, etc., can also be used in Telegram, and you can access them only by using a Telegram account and creating an OxaPay account. Another feature of OxaPay.com is the possibility of registering with a Telegram account, which shows the focus of this platform on serving Telegram users. Of course, OxaPay’s low and competitive fees (0.4%), no need for sending KYC documentation, and the updates of this payment gateway have made this platform popular.

2. CoinPayments

CoinPayments, one of the oldest crypto payment gateways, provides facilities to add a payment gateway in Telegram. Of course, it seems that this requires the use of other service providers. By using the services of those service providers, you can use CoinPayments as a payment method, and Coinpayments doesn’t provide a service to create a payment gateway in Telegram. The services of this platform require KYC, and users cannot use the gateway without KYC. The fee for using CoinPayments is 0.5%.

3. BitPay

BitPay is another payment gateway platform that allows its users to have a crypto payment gateway. Although this platform, like CoinPayment, does not offer its services exclusively to Telegram users and you can use it to create a payment gateway for your Telegram bots with the knowledge of programming. It should be noted that BitPay provides many services in the field of payment that require KYC authentication and is more sensitive to providing their services. In addition, BitPay’s fee for using services is 1-2%.

4. TGmembership

TGmembership is a Telegram bot that automates your paid memberships business. If you also have a channel and need a membership subscription to offer your services, you can use the TGmembership Telegram bot to receive crypto from your users. This bot does not create a dedicated payment gateway to provide its services and uses other payment gateways as a third-party service provider. To use this service, you have to pay a 7% fee + the fee of your selected payment gateway.

5. InviteMember

InviteMember has created a bot that facilitates the process of taking payment and adding/removing members. You can design your plan monthly or at other times and receive cryptocurrency from your users with the help of this bot. The fee for using Invite Member is 10% + the fee of your selected crypto payment gateway.


Cryptocurrency, as a currency without limits, is one of the best options for receiving the cost of services. The number of its users is increasing daily, and the leading businesses will surely benefit from accepting it. Many service providers make it easier to accept crypto, and you should choose between these providers according to needs, fees, facilities, and abilities.

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