3D NFTs Coming to Change-up NFT Game on BNB Chain

The emergence of 3D NFT projects is vital for the growth of BNB Chain.

New NFT Revolution on BNB Chain 

The Non-fungible Token (NFT) space on BNB Chain evolves with a new wave of NFTs. The network has produced a host of top-notch NFT protocols and has now welcomed 3D NFTs and artists. 

Some of the quality 3D projects coming to the space on the fastest growing network include Baked Potatoes and Pixel Sweeper. One of the BNB Chain Growth Alliance founders, KC, confirmed to BSC News that two 3D NFT projects coming to the chain in the next few weeks.

“BNB Chain went from having not much in the way of 3D art, to all of a sudden having Baked Potatoes and PixelSweeper launching a week of one another,” KC said.


The emergence of 3D NFTs on BNB Chain was inspired by talented artists from the NFTb marketplace. Generally, the creators that make up both 3D NFT projects were from the famous multi-chain market, where they created smaller collections before venturing into a much larger scale—BNB Chain. 

KC, on April 3, also expressed his excitement at the development through Twitter, praising the solid team behind both 3D NFT projects. 

“Happy to see quality 3D art & artists coming to #BNBChain. It’s important for the growth of the chain that they both succeed,” the tweet read. 

The minting for Baked Potatoes will commence on April 20, while Pixel Sweeper is yet to announce its mint date. However, according to the Pixel Sweeper website, the minting will also go live in late April. If both projects are successful, we may witness a new dawn of NFTs on BNB Chain with 3D art. 

Source : bsc.news

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