$100 of BTC Stashed Away for 100 Years

The world of Bitcoin (BTC) never ceases to amaze and create. Subsequently, Redditor, Optimal-Dentistador (OD) is undergoing a time-lapse challenge that will test the longevity of Bitcoin.

OD has stashed away a letter along with the public and private keys to $100 worth (0.003 BTC) of BTC. This lengthy experiment that OD is undergoing was inspired by an event put on by the local public library.

Cointelegraph was informed that “[t]here was an event where you could write something like a letter, poetry or a diary which will be stored for 100 years. If you write some personal info on the envelope, they will try to find some living relatives to give them”. This, in turn, resulted in OD creating a time capsule for $100 worth of BTC to be locked away and untouched for 100 years.

There has been discussion within the Reddit community that 0.003 BTC is nothing outrageous in today’s age; however, this could be something huge in 100 years. OD remarked that it’s a bit like discovering the “Bitfinex hack amount of money” in a letter in today’s age. $3.6 Billion was recently seized by the Department of Justice in connection with the Bitfinex fiasco.

One comment on Reddit from “fontinuos” reads that it’s “sad to think every single one of us will be dead and won’t see the outcome”. Although exciting, OD concurred that the outcome is “a grim feeling”. OD concluded his discussion with Cointelegraph by saying, “see you in 2122, the ultimate diamond hands :)”. Now only time will tell.

Source : bsctimes.com

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