#1 Meme Focus AMM and Yield Farm, LazySwap is now accessible

The Laziest Swap in town!

Introducing the #1 Meme Focus AMM and Yield Farm on Binance Smart Chain. A Lazy approach to obtain meme tokens without purchasing them or just staking your meme tokens to obtain $Lazy tokens. LazySwap aims to build a DEX where all meme projects may exchange, stake, farm, and generate various tokens in the most inefficient method imaginable.


Unifying all meme tokens under a single DEX with a low barrier and cost to listing their tokens. It takes ages for Meme tokens to get their contract address whitelisted on established DEX like PancakeSwap. With LazySwap, investors can save the hassle by not having to copy and paste contract addresses at swaps sites and can easily trade their favorite meme tokens. 

Be Lazy and EARN Meme Tokens! WATCH 1 MIN video : 

$LAZY holders can stake their tokens in a pool and earn all kinds of meme tokens in the future without having to purchase them. For now, all $Lazy holders can immediately stake their token and earn LazyDoge token (www.LazyDoge.net), a 100% community-driven token where holders can purchase NFTs, games and merchandise.

LazySwap welcomes all other meme tokens to list their tokens, giving them a platform to introduce their projects to a large audience with minimum marketing cost involved! 

Unique features of LazySwap

Infinite rewards – Similar to Doge, there will be an infinite supply of $LAZY tokens to be minted as a reward to the meme community.

Zero transaction fees – LazySwap does not charge any transaction fees other than what Pancakeswap charges. LazySwap uses the PancakeSwap AMM router.

Any coin – LazySwap accepts any coin to be included in the DEX. Any doge breed can list their tokens in the trade, pools, and farms (upon review) to promote their token to the meme community.


25 $Lazy token minted/block

Tax FREE on all $lazy token trades

Future Roadmap

Enabling other tokens to list their LPs and farm $Lazy as rewards

More utility to be introduced with $Lazy token and BURNs.


All discussions, votes on burning, adding new pools, improvements and feedbacks are conducted via Telegram group t.me/lazyswap 

Official Links   

For LazySwap: 

Website: lazyswap.net/ 

Telegram: t.me/lazyswap  

Twitter: twitter.com/LazySwap 

Overview of Lazy ecosystem

Lazy ecosystem is introduced with the purpose of bringing the platform where you can easily trade, invest, play and farm LazyDoge. They will do the heavy lifting, allowing you to relax and enjoy the NFTs, souvenirs, and games. You are cordially welcomed to join the laziest community HODLing a dependable coin with the least amount of work. 

Introduction of LazyDoge

The currency is inspired by the idea of a platform for doge enthusiasts. As previously stated, LazyDoge is entirely community-driven and completely decentralized. In addition, LazyDoge emphasizes that 5% of every transaction (sale or transfer) goes to the liquidity pool. An additional 5% is granted to token holders. Essentially, whenever a transaction occurs, you, as a token holder, receive a little portion of the proceeds. The idea is that the longer you HODL, the more you get for your money.

Lazy ecosystem products


LazyNFT is a Doge-only NFT that features some of the world’s finest artists. Each NFT is packed with LazyDoge tokens, double the value!


They are collaborating with some of the best manufacturers of fantastic, high-quality goods for their Doge community.

Lazy Games

LazyDoge will create fascinating and entertaining Doge-only games for all lazy players. The best thing is that you can earn LazyDoge tokens by playing LazyGames!

For LazyDoge: you can find all via the website lazydoge.net/   


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