TKO the cryptocurrency exchange for Indonesia

TKO stands for Toko Token it is the cryptocurrency of the Indonesian cryptocurrency trading exchange Toko Crypto which basically means crypto store. The TKO presale was sold out within 4 hours and at the moment TKO was listed on Binance it was immediately purchased by hundreds of thousands of traders. That TKO had such an immense adoption rate from day one didn’t surprise many investors in the market.

Since Binance itself made great effort in announcing the TKO project including a live stream interview with the founder of Binance Changpeng Zhao. Binance is known for its high quality products and when it introduces something the world is jumping on top of it. TKO Indonesia is using the Binance Cloud Exchange system. This allows TKO to offer an extremely high quality of security and services especially to local traders who till date dit not have a credible exchange for cryptocurrency trading other then Indodax.

  • Founded in 2018, Tokocrypto is Indonesia’s fastest growing digital asset exchange in trading volumes and user registrations.

  • The Tokocrypto platform enables users to:

    • Gain access to a fast-growing crypto exchange.
    • Get investment exposure in the Indonesian market.
    • Leverage on sizable crypto user influx in Indonesia.
    • Take part in decentralized offerings.
    • Access cross-chain yield generation for a multitude of assets.
    • Join the TKO NFT Arcade: Indonesia’s first-of-its-kind marketplace for digital collectibles and creative assets powered by TKO.
  • TKO is Tokocrypto’s native utility token and has the following functions:

    • Tokocrypto Platform Benefits: As an exchange platform token, TKO token holders will have trading fee discounts, airdrops entitlements, merchandise redemption, and other incentives.
    • Participation in CeFi Programs: TKO tokens can be used in deposit and savings programs such as TKO Deposit, TKO Savings, and TKO Cashback.
    • Cross-Platform DeFi Use Cases: Planned use cases includes integrating TKO on third-party DeFi platforms via farming pools, lending, and more.
    • NFT Marketplace: TKO tokens will be the backbone of the NFT marketplace (TKO NFT Arcade) and the payment gateway between creators and their audiences. Tokocrypto will pioneer the Indonesian NFT landscape with Indonesia’s first-of-its-kind marketplace for digital collectibles and creative assets from emerging young artists.
  • The project has raised 500,000 USD from one round of private token sales, where 1.0% of the TKO total token supply has been sold at 0.10 USD / TKO. In addition, TKO tokens were also distributed via marketing campaigns.

SourceBinance LaunchPad

Key metrics available as of 7 april 2021

Token TypeBEP-20
Initial Circ. Supply When Listed on Binance108,416,667 TKO (21.67%)
Total Token Supply500,000,000 TKO
Binance Launchpad Sale Price0.10 USD / TKO
SourceBinance LaunchPad

What is Tokocrypto (TKO)?

Founded in 2018, Tokocrypto is Indonesia’s fastest-growing digital asset exchange in trading volumes and user registrations. Tokocrypto leverage the Binance Smart Chain to create a comprehensive Tokocrypto ecosystem, and provide a better user experience.
Tokocrypto’s mission is to onboard Indonesia’s 345.3 million mobile users onto Tokocrypto’s platform and ecosystem, and bring mass adoption of cryptocurrencies to Indonesia.

Source: Binance Launchpad

TKO Token Allocation

Token NameTKO
Private Sale Allocation5,000,000 TKO
Private Sale Token Price0.10 USD / TKO
Private Sale Amount Raised500,000 USD
Binance Launchpad Sale Allocation75,000,000 TKO
Binance Launchpad Sale Token Price0.10 USD / TKO
Binance Launchpad Amount to be Raised7,500,000 USD
SourceBinance LaunchPad

Roadmap of TKO Indonesia

Planned DateMilestoneActual DateTimingComments
2021 Q1Reached 100k KYC registered users22 January 2021On Time
2021 Q1Reached 10k active users22 December 2020Early
2020 Q3Launched Mobile App10 October 2020On TimeApp Landing Page
2021 Q3Launched TKO Angels10 September 2020On Time
2021 Q3TKO Binance Cloud Integration27 May 2020On TimeLink
SourceBinance LaunchPad

Founding Board of TKO Crypto

TKO Logo (Video format) by BSCN.