The Future is Now for MUXE, CcS And BSCN

In this post, I am taking the liberty to write about our own projects and why I believe that our future moving forward will look much more interesting than the past of our project. MUXE has been around since early 2018 trying to claim its spot among secondary prioritised cryptocurrencies (Tokenised based projects). Being involved in the cryptocurrency market is to date the greatest pleasure of my personal involvement in international business.

It would make a lot of sense if you never heard about MUXE or if you did hear about MUXE that you are not quite sure yet why the future is looking so bright knowing that we faced tough years. 2021 has been a bright new chance for us to get back on the saddle, we have worked very hard working on lots of new opportunities. Refactoring our company and focus points was one of the crucial steps we had to take to move forward again.

MUXE is known as a company, community, project and token. The MUXE Token will continue to exist in the future. We aim to clean up the MUXE Token ecosystem and reestablish its purpose and use case base. Unfortunately, we had to leave several of our use cases behind due to a variety of reasons. Some of them due to the discovery of fact after fact, knowing that we could not solve certain issues with a terrible after taste.

Our bright new future will be aiming into better organised and segmented niche markets.

MUXE will continue to focus on advertisement and digital promotions with blockchain oriented usecases.

CcS Blockchain is our community driven blockchain protocol that has a strong POS vs POC concensus.

BSCN is our BSC Ecosystem related platform with a sharp focus on hot cryptocurrency news, memes and other cryptocurrency informative tools.

Whether or not our projects will realise mainstream adoption at a larger scale will remain unknown for now. We are simply growing our project with passion and dedication. We love what we do but we do not have the impression that we are the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry.

All the applications that we have been releasing and are planning to introduce in the near future are certainly providing a new perspective for the community and investors behind MUXE. The founders of MUXE have never given up on the project and have always been working on a new bright path to redefine what MUXE is and how its involvement in the cryptocurrency sphere will be in the future.