The Dutch Soccer Club PSV will also join the crypto market and partner up with a crypto partner, who will pay the club in Bitcoins

PSV has managed to attract a new sponsor with the Veghel company Anycoin Direct, who commits itself to the club for two seasons. The company becomes one of the larger sub-sponsors and meets the sponsorship amount in Bitcoins.

The equivalent of this is estimated to be about 400,000 euros per season. Should the crypto coins fall in value, PSV will still receive an (unknown) guarantee yield.

Other clubs – including Ajax – are now also working together with providers of cryptocurrencies. ,,PSV is the first club that has the sponsor amount paid out in this way”, says commercial director Frans Janssen. In return, the company may, for example, place expressions in the stadium. PSV will not actively approach supporters themselves to participate in investing in cryptocurrencies.

The club received many offers to work with a partner from this sector and, according to Janssen, explicitly opted for a company from its own Brainport region. Anycoin Direct was founded in 2013 and now has 400,000 customers, according to the company.