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Gelato and Safe Bring Account Abstraction to Exciting New L2 Base

Gelato and Safe have enabled developers to build smart contract wallets as first-class citizens on Ethereum’s Base L2 by bringing their Account Abstraction infrastructure and developer SDK, and the teams will provide bounties for hackers at ETHDenver to showcase interesting use cases. Account Abstraction to Enable Smart Contracts on Base Gelato and Safe are bringing[Read more…]

SpaceCatch – Move to Earn Game with Amazing Storyline and NFT Rewards!

Join the Fight against Aliens in SpaceCatch and Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline while earning rewards. The mobile game SpaceCatch is gaining more and more attention, not only from players but also from investors. The game combines classic mobile gaming with new technologies such as augmented reality, blockchain, and NFTs. However, the game also[Read more…]

IceCreamSwap Introduce Token Lock Mechanism to Protect Users

The token lock mechanism will allow users to lock their token allocations and reduce scams on the Core chain. Increase Trust and Reduce Scam  IceCreamSwap has integrated the token lock feature into its decentralized ecosystem. The top Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Core chain wants to ensure users’ funds are safe.  Token lock is a mechanism that allows[Read more…]

Floki Release 2023 Roadmap, Unveils Numerous Exciting Plans for Users

Floki plans to launch several innovations to the public, and the roadmap will provide insight into the community. Floki 2023 Roadmap Goes Live Floki remains focused on becoming the world’s most adopted cryptocurrency project. The MemeFi protocol has unveiled its 2023 roadmap, offering users insight into its exciting plans for its native currency in the[Read more…]

Floki Skyrockets on News of Kucoin Exchange Listing

Floki is on fire after new broke that Kucoin is listing the MemeFi token, posting a 24-hour increase in price of about 60% — the most on CoinMarketCap. Also Listed on LCX Exchange Floki is putting the “King” back in Viking! Bolstered by news that Kucoin Exchange will list $FLOKI, the MemeFi token shot up[Read more…]

Volt Inu DAO Proposal to Burn the Bridge Liquidity & List VOLT on Polygon Successfully Passes

The community has spoken; VOLT’s initial DAO proposal results in Polygon listing and a massive $VOLT burn. $74.5 Million Burn and Polygon Listing Confirmed On February 5, Volt Inu released its first-ever proposal, allowing the DAO to execute its first onchain proposal regarding the future of VOLT. The proposal aims to achieve two things: The DAO[Read more…]

Lithosphere (LITHO) Previews Season 1 of Finesse P2E for the Jot Art Metaverse

Gamers can get a sneak peek of Lithosphere’s highly anticipated Finesse P2E game series. Seattle, WA – Feb. 13, 2023 – Lithosphere developer, KaJ Labs, announced the official release of its season preview of the upcoming Finesse: Shadow Warriors game in the Jot Art metaverse. Gamers can get a sneak peek for Android or Web browser. Shadow Warriors is slated[Read more…]

Coggi NFT Set to Release First Collection on Core Mainnet

The newest collection will launch on the Core DAO mainnet through the Miidas NFT marketplace. Coggi NFT II on Miidas Core Mainnet Following the successful sale of its first two collections, Coggi NFT is set to launch on Miidas’ Core DAO NFT marketplace. Coggi NFT is a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection created by Fahura Digital Arts. Unlike the first[Read more…]

Miidas NFT Introduces NFT Generation Using AI

Users can create new images and collections using AI through the collaboration between Miidas NFT and Open AI. Miidas NFT Integrates with OpenAI Miidas NFT has announced its partnership with Open AI for users to create unique collections using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The top multi-chain Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace confirmed the integration with OpenAI on February 12th via[Read more…]

Saison Capital: From No-coiner to Degen — Mapping the Journeys of the Crypto Curious and Implications for Builders

Building in Web3 must be done with the journeys of the crypto-curious in mind. While crypto has entered the mainstream conversation, penetration is still low – 20M monthly active users on Ethereum, one of the most popular blockchains, in comparison to 5B Internet users. Understanding how one goes from crypto curious to crypto convert is not just for watercooler[Read more…]