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Beefy.Finance Launches The First FUEL Vaults

Beefy.Finance has launched 8 new JetFuel vaults, offering users over 80 different vault options, ultimately allowing users to manage their yield farming effortlessly. Beefy Vaults Beefy Finance (Yield Optimizer on the Binance Smart Chain) has launched new vaults today. The most prominent being the $FUEL / $BNB vaults. There are two options for users who wish[Read more…]

ONTO Wallet Project Review: A Self-Sovereign Data Wallet

ONTO Wallet is a self-sovereign data wallet that manages your digital identities, data, NFTs, and of course, your tokens. Versatile Wallet ONTO Wallet is a self-sovereign data wallet that manages your digital identities, data, NFTs, and of course, your tokens. With ONTO, users can manage all their assets across multiple chains within a single wallet. Chains[Read more…]

BillionHappiness Migrates Original Contract as NFT Marketplace Release Nears

The Billion Happiness team continues to innovate on the BSC, the team has successfully migrated to a new contract and is continuing to build their unique ecosystem; as the release of the NFT Marketplace inches closer. BHC Contract Migration The Billion Happiness team has successfully migrated to a new contract to support their unique ecosystem,[Read more…]

OpenOcean Project Review: The First DEX Aggregator on the BSC

OpenOcean is the first DEX Aggregator that has launched on the BSC, aggregating liquidity from the largest exchanges: PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, StreetSwap and BurgerSwap. What are Dex Aggregators Let’s start with Decentralized exchanges; we have seen a rapid growth of DEX with Ethereum based projects such as UniSwap, SushiSwap, and Injective. On top of this, many[Read more…]

THUGS Launch New HOES Staking To Combat Lowered GUNS Emissions

In foresight of GUNS emissions-reducing, the Thugs.Fi team introduced two new HOES staking pools in hopes of combating the considerable reduction in GUNS rewards. Guns Staking to Pause For those who are unaware, the first 30 days of GUNs staking has come to an end. Currently, GUNs rewards are paused indefinitely while the new contract[Read more…]

Ditto Money Announces Their Official Token Sale in IFO hosted by Pancake Swap

Trainer Chad is ready to begin his journey onto the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), he’s set to launch the first elastic supply token, Ditto-Money. Ditto Money is the first elastic supply token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), bringing the benefits of a store of value and payment token to its users. THE $DITTO price[Read more…]

Rug Pulls: Tetris Pulls a Robin Hood Exit Scam

Its always important to practice safety when making financial decisions, learn more about the latest rug pull on the Binance Smart Chain, Tetris.Menu. What Is Tetris.Menu? announced its launch on December 14th, minting TTR and distributing it to users for supplying liquidity. Tetris propped itself as a “Swap – Pool – Farm” platform, likely[Read more…]

AnySwap Project Insight: A Decentralized Cross-Chain Swap Protocol

AnySwap continues to innovate in the De-Fi space, integrating secure, cheap, and simple cross-chain swaps. AnySwap Anyswap is a decentralized cross-chain swap protocol that runs on four different networks. Anyswap allows users to effortlessly swap tokens across these networks using its Automated Market Maker (AMM). Anyswap specifically support coins on blockchains that are compatible with[Read more…]

Trust Wallet Project Insight: The Official Binance Crypto Wallet

Trust Wallet, a versatile crypto wallet offering users secure and seamless transactions on both the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain. Getting Started Trust Wallet is a convenient app on your phone, be it Android or Apple (iOS). Once you downloaded the app on your phone, you can easily set up an account. The only real important thing[Read more…]

UniFi Protocol Project Insight: Paving The Way For Next Gen De-Fi Development

UniFi protocol has landed on the BSC; UniFi continues to innovate in the De-Fi space, incentivizing multi-chain participation. What is UNIFI Protocol? Unifi Protocol is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed via the $UNFI governance token. UNFI has continuously grown its awareness through partnerships with Binance (Launch pool) and PancakeSwap. ‍ Unifi Protocol DAO consists[Read more…]