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The Advantages of DeFi With Chainlyze

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is disrupting the traditional financial sector by using blockchain technology to eliminate intermediaries, allowing investors to make peer-to-peer transactions with no third party dictating how the transaction will be done, and Chainlyze.AI is set to make the experience easier. Begin Your DeFi Journey Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have disrupted traditional finance, and their[Read more…]

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Lekker Finance, Gunther’s Rich Dog, BiggerMINDS, PLEXUS

Dominant smart contract oracle network Chainlink partnered with DeFi protocols on Ethereum and Avalanche, an NFT collection based on a Netflix series and an emerging cross-chain swap. DeFi Derivatives, NFTs, Avalanche Rewards, Cross-Chain Swaps Bull, bear or crab market, Chainlink continues to build relationships throughout the Web3 space. This week, crypto’s dominant smart contract oracle network announced[Read more…]

DefiLlama Marred By Internal Conflict

DefiLlama, a blockchain data platform, is in turmoil after employees rejected the company’s plan to launch a token, resulting in a fork of the platform. Changes Loom in DefiLlama Rupture An internal conflict has erupted at DefiLlama, the hugely popular blockchain data platform. With some of DefiLlama’s employees seemingly having rejected what has been described[Read more…]

Ex Coinbase CTO Wagers $2M on Bitcoin Reaching $1M by June

The bet was initiated on March 17th when a Twitter user offered to bet anyone $1 million that the United States would not experience hyperinflation. Balaji Bet Draws Eyes Balaji Srinivasan, former Coinbase CTO, has made a $2 million bet on Bitcoin’s future performance, predicting that the cryptocurrency will reach $1 million by June 17th.[Read more…]

Weekly Article Recap: 3/13-3/17

Weekly Article Recap: 3/13-3/17 Recapping the Week in DeFi Cryptocurrency never sleeps, and neither does crypto news and content. Because of this constant stream of information, it’s difficult for investors to keep track of the most notable news. In this weekly recap, BSC News shares some of the most exciting stories and breaking news events[Read more…]

Space ID to Launch ID Token on Binance Launchpad

Space ID aims to raise $2.5 million during the Binance Launchpad sale of its native ID token. Introducing ID Token Space ID universal name service is launching a payment and governance token, called $ID, on Binance Launchpad. Established in the third quarter of 2022, Space ID enables users to employ a unique human-readable domain name[Read more…]

WINR Protocol Launched Final Beta: Making Way for Mainnet

WINR launches final beta to revolutionize crypto gambling, offering a decentralized and secure asset vault for games to utilize and near-instant payouts. WINR Mainnet Release is Coming Soon GameFi protocol, WINR, launched its final beta on March 17 with its native WINR token being listed on March 16 at 3:00 PM UTC. The WINR mainnet[Read more…]

InuTube Launches as the Premier Web3 Decentralized Video Platform

Lofty goals: Via watch-to-earn, InuTube is targeting 100 million daily viewers by the end of the year. ‍Introduction InuTube is a Watch-to-Earn platform providing an easy way to earn while watching your favorite videos. InuTube has its own Web3 Video platform, Mobile App, and Staking platform. With the capacity to keep growing and expanding, InuTube[Read more…]


SafeSwap is pleased to announce a series of positive updates, which have been shared in the SafeSwap News & Updates group. The DeFi CMS is nearing completion and is almost ready for a full launch. Several examples are currently in development, including: While there are still some issues in the core, the great news[Read more…]

KyberSwap Integrates Camelot DEX on Arbitrum for Improved Liquidity

As per the recent announcement, the partnership benefits both platforms by providing broader liquidity sources and better trading experiences. Access to Arbitrum Deep Pools Multichain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and aggregator KyberSwap announced integration with Arbitrum native DEX Camelot to access deep pools based on Arbitrum. According to Kyber Network, the integration provides Arbitrum users with broader liquidity[Read more…]