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Trading Toolkits: Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

Understanding how these averages work will benefit traders who are trying to extrapolate token prices. Introduction Trading indicators are the lifeblood of technical analysis. Traders use these simple and sophisticated tools to determine their entry or exit, the market conditions, or the current trends. The VWAP tool indicates the amount of liquidity available at a[Read more…]

Trading Toolkits: Overview of Candlestick Charts

Understanding these charts is key to becoming the most well-rounded, successful trader that you can be. Introduction Understanding price actions starts with the understanding of entry-level Candlestick charts. A Candlestick chart forms the basis of technical analysis. Upon this knowledge, we can bring out important concepts like Support and Resistance, market trends, and price actions[Read more…]

Trading Toolkits: Asset Allocation And Diversification

In order to maximize returns, investors have a lot of variables that they need to take into account. How they distribute their assets can be the key to their success. Introduction A common saying in investment circles is, “do not put all your eggs in one basket”. That statement is fundamental to the success of[Read more…]