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DOGE May Soon Break Out Despite Overall Market Negativity: Report

In a recently published tweet, Santiment data aggregator stated that several coins from the leaders by market capitalization seem to be ready to break out soon despite the overall negative sentiment from the community of crypto traders. Santiment has tweeted that among the top 25 coins by market capitalization, there are four coins with particularly high[Read more…]

Cardano (ADA) Surpasses BNB and Avalanche with $11.94 Billion Staked

In recent tweets, Cardano community-focused Twitter account Cardano Daily shares data on native asset staking for the top PoS blockchains. In this regard, Cardano ranked the 3rd largest blockchain in native asset staking, well ahead of Binance Chain, Avalanche and Polkadot. Cardano Daily further stated: “One more fact is that, with regards to the blockchains in this list,[Read more…]

Binance Labs Head Bill Qian Steps Down from His Role

As noted by Chinese journalist and insider Colin Wu, Binance Labs is currently led by a Boston Consulting Group veteran. Two directors left Binance’s VC department in last few weeks Mr. Wu has taken to Twitter to share the details of crucial resignation events at Binance Labs, a firm that coordinates Binance’s VC efforts in[Read more…]