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August 2022 GameFi Report

While the number of new users entering GameFi has dropped precipitously, the average number of transactions per user is increasing steadily. Therefore, with the users in the market today more likely to be actively gaming, GameFi data from August can help us understand which projects and ecosystems are sustainable in the long run. Splinterlands and Alien Worlds[Read more…]

ETHPoW team confirms it will use ChainID 10001 to avoid replay attacks on Mainnet

A member of the Coinbase team had to comment on the ETHPoW GitHub repository to get the team to clarify how the forked chain will be set up. Currently, the repository has not updated the ChainID of the network to one that differs from Ethereum Mainnet. The ETHPoW Testnet uses the ChainID 10002, unused by any[Read more…]

New Free DAO crashes 99% after $1.25M flash loan attack

A flash loan attack launched against New Free DAO (NFD) has drained $1.25 million from the protocol and caused its token price to crash by 99%. Blockchain security firm Certik raised an alarm about the attack via Twitter on Sept. 8. The attacker manipulated NFD’s “addMember()” function to add himself as a member, which gave him access to use[Read more…]

Binance, to support for BNB beacon chain upgrade

BNB’s Beacon Chain is set to undergo a major upgrade on Sept. 2 at a block height of 264,000,000. The upgrade is named the Gödel upgrade after Kurt Gödel and is designed to remove DEX features from the Beacon Chain. This way, the BNB Beacon Chain will focus solely on security and have more computing power for other purposes.[Read more…]

Venus Protocol: Bringing DeFi to the masses

Achieving mass adoption seems like it requires going down the road of centralization. However, projects like the Venus Protocol show that it’s quite possible to bring DeFi to the masses by striking a balance between the security of decentralization and the ease of use centralized services offer. The first algorithmic money maker to launch on[Read more…]

SEC legal action over BNB token prompts fears over which altcoin is next

The SEC has opened an investigation into Binance to determine whether its BNB token was a security offering when sold in 2017, Bloomberg News reported. Specifically, the watchdog is examining if BNB’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) met the definition of a security sale without registration. A Binance statement on the matter reframed the situation as[Read more…]

BNB Chain technical roadmap released, here’s what to expect

BNB Chain released its new technical roadmap at the BNB Chain Revelation Summit event, which ran for five hours on May 31. The event updated the community on the latest developments in the project. Team leaders and senior personnel, including founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ), also discussed topics related to blockchain technology and Web3. The roadmap[Read more…]