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Alpha Release Date Announced for Age of Tanks

The highly anticipated Age of Tanks Alpha game is finally set to launch in the coming days. Age of Tanks Announces Alpha Launch Following the successful listing on MEXC Global Exchange, Age of Tanks has moved up a gear in launching its Alpha game by disclosing the specific launch date.  After much anticipation, the military-strategic blockchain game tweeted on[Read more…]

OpenOcean Coinbase Wallet Integration Goes Live

The OpenOcean platform is integrating all over the Web2 and Web3 map. OpenOcean NFTs Now on Coinbase OpenOcean has confirmed the integration of CoinBase Wallet on its multichain NFT platform. The integration is another key Binance Smart Chain decentralized application that has added the massive centralized exchange.  OpenOcean has had the integration live on its[Read more…]

Axie Infinity Holds Lunar New Year Event

Long-awaited Axie releasing feature now live with a chance to win 5 Axie Origin Coins to mint an Origin Axie. Lunar New Year In Lunacia Axie Infinity, a PlayToEarn blockchain gaming project on the Ronin network, recently released a Lunar New Year event for its community. A long-awaited feature in the Axie Infinity metaverse recently went live.[Read more…]

Kryxivia Game Announces Numerous Partnerships

Unity will be one of the partners of the PlayToEarn blockchain GameFi project. PlaytoEarn Projects Better Together Binance Smart Chain built GameFi PlayToEarn project, Kryxivia, announces numerous partnerships with NFT projects and staple names in the gaming industry. The most notable of the different partnerships that the Kryxivia team has made is with game creating[Read more…]

Metaverse GameFi Tour AQUANEE Internal Test Started

Participating users are eligible for token and NFT incentives from the AQUANEE project. What is AQUANEE? AQUANEE is a game world inspired by sea creatures. In this world, any player can incubate their pet AQUA and earn replacement tokens for their skill in the game and contributions to ecology. AQUA can explore the world on[Read more…]

Hot Cross on Top as 18 Projects Vie for PancakeSwap Farm

Hot Cross and two other protocols were victorious in the latest PancakeSwap community farm auction. Hot Cross Wins PancakeSwap Farm Auction  Hot Cross is among the latest winners of the 1x multiplier farms from the 13th community farm auction on PancakeSwap Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which would last for a week.  The cross-chain tool suite for blockchains and their[Read more…]

Google Adds Blockchain Jobs in Move Toward Crypto

Tech giant Google appears to be mapping its route into Web3. Google Ramping up Blockchain Focus Google has begun constructing a group dedicated to blockchain and related technologies, which a newly appointed executive will lead.  Several new positions and staff signal a new direction for the tech giant in the news that grabbed the attention of[Read more…]

BabyTether: The New Way To Earn Stable Passive Income In $USDT

BabyTether gives holders the opportunity to earn stable passive income in Tether (USDT), a stablecoin which is pegged in a 1:1 ratio to the US Dollar. What is BabyTether? BabyTether is a new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token holding which you can earn Tether (USDT), a stablecoin pegged in a 1:1 ratio with the US[Read more…]

Baby Doge Coin Surpasses All-Time High

The numbers of the Baby Doge Community is swelling, and could drive the project to greater heights. New Record Price Set The price of trending memecoin Baby Doge Coin set a new all-time-high price record. On January 16, a strong stream of buying pressure drove the price of Baby Doge Coin to $0.000000006345 which is the[Read more…]

Beefy Finance Beefs Up Cross-Chain Interoperability Using Multichain

Beefy Finance continues to beef up its cross-chain exposure with its latest move to access all its available chains. Beefy Keep Building Utilizing Multichain (formerly AnySwap) has allowed Beefy Finance to bridge the $BIFI token cross-chain to MetisDao behind a new update, and it highlighted their intention to keep scaling out.  Interoperability remains a key term for the coming[Read more…]