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Bogged Finance Introduces Their Next Innovation on DeFi: Trailing Stop-Losses

Bogged Finance brings a highly sophisticated trading tool to the DeFi Landscape in Trailing Stop-Losses. Stop-Loss vs Bogged Finance’s Trailing-Stop Losses  Bogged Finance has unveiled a powerful trading tool that lets investors capitalize on trades in volatile markets. The new feature was launched on June 23rd, and looks to transform how typical crypto trading functions by bringing the typical stop-loss function to[Read more…]

PancakeBunny Offers a Handsome $500,000 Bug Bounty Through ImmuneFi

PancakeBunny, through its collaboration with ImmuneFi, has beefed up efforts to improve its platform security through a bug bounty program offering staggering rewards ‍ Prioritizing Security PancakeBunny, a popular decentralized finance yield aggregator on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), was exploited a month ago, resulting in a 97% price dip. This attack has raised many concerns, especially for decentralized[Read more…]

How to Participate in Kalmar V2’s Lending, Kalm Rewards, and BUSD Borrowing

The protocol released details on how to participate in its lending process and obtain $KALM rewards via staking. Kalmar V2 is Up and Running Kalmar has been hard at work on the V2 of their protocol, and the team is ready for users to reap the benefits. On June 28th, Kalmar announced on Twitter that its V2[Read more…]

Cryptonomics: How to Avoid Ethereum Gas Fees, Can Binance Smart Chain Replace ETH?

Users are showing that key elements to the ETH network, like decentralization, are interchangeable for ease of use and cheaper fees. Synergistic Chains? The gas fees on Ethereum are out of control. The high barrier to entry seems daunting for many newbies to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). To be a significant player on the Ethereum chain, you[Read more…]

SCV Finance – An NFT Marketplace Built to Last

The asset-tracking protocol’s latest release seeks to bring innovation into one of the sector’s hottest trends. What is SCV Finance? SCV Finance is a collection of DeFi products and tools operating across multiple chains. SCV stands for “Super CoinView”, hinting at their base product. SCV Finance users can easily monitor their assets calculating APYs in real-time[Read more…]

BogTools Releases a Free Telegram Tool for Binance Smart Chain Price Alerts

Users can enjoy accurate information about token prices and charts with the integration for Telegram groups. BogTools Launches Free Telegram Price Bot  Bogged Finance keeps making innovations to provide powerful tools for everyone’s usage. The next-generation infrastructure and utilities for Binance Smart Chain published on Twitter that its BOGPriceBot is now functional. According to the June 28th Tweet,[Read more…]

Binance Commended by UK Organized Crime Unit Before Facing Regulatory Pressure

Binance receives an official letter of commendation acknowledging the role they played in assisting the UK crime-fighting unit in combating cybercrime. Duty to Combat Crimes The letter commending Binance on their active involvement in the investigation debunks that common narrative. The common rhetoric that cryptos are used to perpetrate illegal activities therefore there is a need to[Read more…]

SafeMoon Announce First Bridge With Assistance From pNetwork, Trends On Twitter Again

The native BSC token has created a way for its users to begin transferring assets to the Ethereum network. First Bridge for Growing Altcoin The hot new altcoin in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has announced its first bridge. SafeMoon confirmed the bridge would be done using pNetwork. The new bridge is another piece of exciting news[Read more…]

MemeToken, SHIB, Rallies 47% Following Elon Musk Shiba Inu Tweet

The tweet of one of the world’s richest men has once again sent the value of a cryptocurrency on a strong rally. The Elon Musk Effect Many commentaries have been written about how Elon Musk’s charm diffuses into anything he associates with. The American billionaire has been hugely successful with his Space company, SpaceX. Elon’s car[Read more…] – The Next Generation Non-Custodial Super App is an all-in-one platform addressing changes and challenges in the DeFi space that offers its users unified UX across multiple networks. What is has 4 main features that make it a crypto super app. The team has built these features from the ground up with their core philosophies of sleek UI and UX.[Read more…]