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The Dutch Soccer Club PSV will also join the crypto market and partner up with a crypto partner, who will pay the club in Bitcoins

PSV has managed to attract a new sponsor with the Veghel company Anycoin Direct, who commits itself to the club for two seasons. The company becomes one of the larger sub-sponsors and meets the sponsorship amount in Bitcoins. The equivalent of this is estimated to be about 400,000 euros per season. Should the crypto coins[Read more…]

Bitcoin Anonymous Migration to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

A Brief IntroductionWith some options for privacy with cryptocurrencies, a group of anonymous developers felt there was still a need for more anonymity in the crypto world. Hence 4 months ago Bitcoin Anonymous (BTCA) was born! Efforts were first put in to doing a code-fork of the currency PIVX blockchain and customizing the wallet for a pleasing[Read more…]