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Desire Timeline for Token and Farm Launch

Desire Timeline for Token and Farm Launch It’s been a great presale. Thanks to our great community we had a great presale. Now we are ready to move on to the token launch and farm launch phase of the layer. The next short milestones will be: Token Launch Day — December 5th NFT Airdrop The[Read more…]

Delirium Token and Farm Smart Contract are Validated by BSCN

The Delirium Token and Farm Smart Contracts were recently audited by the BSCN AUDIT service team in order to look deeper into the security of the next layer that Sandman Finance is introducing. Sandman layer was introduced to enable you, following the comic journey, to enhance the value of your Sandman Token. All tiers will[Read more…]

Game Giveaways a new fun social crypto challenge community by BSCN

Welcome to 🎲BSCN |Game Giveaway 🏆 ❗️ Read our rules: 1️⃣ Join on Telegram👈2️⃣ Join on Telegram 👈 (The Sponsor)3️⃣ Play the challenges below before the time or objective runs out. Objective or end time is different for every challenge. 🍀 Good luck everyone 🍀 BSCN FICTION

BTCA Tokens can now be staked for SWAP Tokens in return find out why

 New Staking Pair – Stake BTCA get SWAP  Bitcoin Anonymous is a non-custodial BSC privacy solution based on zkSNARKs. It improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between the recipient and destination addresses. It uses smart contracts that accept BTCA and BNB deposits that can be withdrawn by a different address. Whenever there is[Read more…]

John McAfee, the end of an era

BARCELONA, June 23 (Reuters) – Antivirus creator John McAfee, 75, was found dead in his prison cell in Barcelona after the Spanish high court had authorised his extradition to the U.S., the Catalan justice department said, confirming an earlier report from El Mundo newspaper. Everything points it could be a death by suicide, the department[Read more…]