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BNB Soars as Binance Broadens its Global Reach

Recent Developments Propel BNB Price Recent developments within the Binance ecosystem have spurred notable gains for its native cryptocurrency, BNB. Ranked fourth in market capitalization, BNB has demonstrated resilience and an upward trend in its price amid a predominantly bearish crypto market. Current Market Performance In the past 24 hours, BNB has outshined most major[Read more…]

FTX Reportedly Owes Money to Binance, Other Major Corporations

The FTX fiasco has creditors across every industry and will clearly take years to unravel. FTX Debts Revealed to Include Binance Binance was included in the extensive creditor list for FTX filed on January 25. The 116-page United States Bankruptcy Court documents filed in the District of Delaware revealed hundreds of thousands of entities owed[Read more…]

Introducing Endurance: Fusionist’s Mainnet

What is Endurance? Fusionist started with Alpha Prestige (, a centralized user engagement reward system, which successfully got over 130k high-quality web3 users. Endurance is the decentralized upgrade of Alpha Prestige built on it’s own sidechain. Endurance will not only be used by Fusionist but by partners and other games in the future. What is ACE? ACE[Read more…]

The Top 10 BNB Chain Games

The popular cryptocurrency world external to Bitcoin was initially created in opposition to the centralization of gaming assets. I don’t think it’s necessarily about players owning their gaming assets; they want control over what they pay for — or inversely, they don’t want someone else to have control and power over their property. There are[Read more…]

Binance Has a Major Pegging Problem

Further investigation into Binance’s pegged-token “scheme” has revealed an alarming gap between the amount of tokens circulated on Binance’s BNB Smart Chain and the amount of actual tokens that they’re backed by. ne of the earliest criticisms leveled against Bitcoin when it started making the rounds in investment circles, was that it wasn’t “backed” in[Read more…]

Binance Destroys $575M Worth of BNB in its First Coin Burn of 2023

Binance’s 22nd coin burn has removed from circulation 2 million BNB worth an estimated $575 million. Crypto exchange Binance has announced that it successfully carried out its twenty-second coin burn resulting in the removal from circulation of 2,064,494.32 BNB worth an estimated $575,458,677. Binance Coin Burns Aim to Reduce BNB’s Total Supply to 100 Million The quarterly[Read more…]

3-Way Arbitrage is not Working on Binance

I’d like to contribute a proof of this statement to the community of traders. It is written in Rust, because I am not satisfied with the performance of my jupyter notebook. (It is straightforward how it works. You don’t need any Rust knowledge.) You don’t need to read this post, if you have no experience[Read more…]

Learn Fast, Earn Fast

The Introduction Web3 technologies, such as #blockchain, are revolutionizing the way we interact and do business online. One application of these technologies is the creation of “learn to earn” platforms, where users can acquire new skills and knowledge in exchange for cryptocurrency or tokens. We introduce Learn Fast Earn, a web3-based platform that combines education and[Read more…]

This Can Cause Crypto to Go to Zero and Nobody Is Talking About It

Are we purposefully avoiding the elephant in the room? Wasn’t it weird timing when Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao questioned FTX’s financial health, got their clients to move funds out, and then acted as if he was going to buy the company? And then, you see this at the end of the year: “Binance’s market share[Read more…]