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BNB Chain Partners with Google Cloud to Enhance Web3 DApps

While there is a growth in the number of decentralized cloud infrastructure service providers in the blockchain world, centralized alternatives still have some competitive advantage over protocols looking to host their servers. As a major player in the cloud infrastructure world, Google Clouds has somewhat been less visible when compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS)[Read more…]

BNB Chain Launches Zero-Knowledge Proof Scaling Tech

According to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, the zero-knowledge proof is an option for long-term solutions for decentralised blockchain scalability. The zero-knowledge proofs utilise mathematical proofs to allow the verification of specific data without the requirement to reveal the details. BNB Chain is a part of Binance’s Layer 1 protocol which is the most widely adopted in Layer[Read more…]

BNB Chain Partners with University of Zurich to Boost Blockchain Education

Binance-backed smart contract platform BNB Chain has announced a new partnership with the Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich to participate in the forthcoming three weeks of the University’s International Summer Schools for blockchain education. With a central theme to explore a “Deep Dive into Blockchain,” students will be educated on the essentials of[Read more…]

Meta Apes Explores The BNB Application Sidechain To Merge Web2 and Web3 Gaming Functionality

Blockchain scalability remains a hot topic among developers and enthusiasts. The BNB Chain team recently introduced its application-specific sidechain to resolve some of these concerns. Meta Apes, the play-to-earn MMO, is expanding to the BNB Application Sidechain to enhance its Web3 potential Source : The Purpose of The BNB Application Sidechain Announced a few months ago,[Read more…]