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BMW Uses Coinweb And BNB Chain For Loyalty Program

The German automobile company BMW intends to use blockchain technology into its day-to-day business operations and develop a blockchain-based customer loyalty program for BMW’s clients in Thailand.Coinweb, a blockchain infrastructure startup, has been hired by the well-known vehicle manufacturer to serve as its decentralized architecture supplier, and BNB Chain will be used for settling transactions.Two[Read more…]

Hacker Steals $1m from Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet BitKeep

The multi-chain crypto wallet was robbed of $1 million in crypto tokens. The users who were robbed had approved their tokens on BitKeep’s swap service – called a swap router – on the BNB Chain and Polygon. Reports said that the stolen funds were later scattered through Tornado Cash’s crypto mixer to avoid being traced.[Read more…]

Binance Completes 21st Quarterly BNB Burn With $548M BNB Destroyed

Following its quarterly burn, the Binance (BNB) Chain has successfully eliminated $548 million worth of BNB, a move that has left the market relatively unaffected. Crypto exchange platform Binance in its latest news, announced it had successfully destroyed approximately 2,065,152.42 BNB.  The exchange platform also stated that an added 4,833.25 BNB was part of the[Read more…]

BNB Chain Begins Innovation Incubator Program To Boost European Web3 Startups

BNB Chain, the blockchain of the Binance crypto exchange, announced on October 10, accepting applications for its latest development-focused initiative – the web3 European Innovation incubator program, which aims to uplift European developers building and scaling decentralized applications (DApps) on the BNB blockchain.  The innovation incubator program will provide long-term support to web3 startups in Europe by offering outstanding[Read more…]

Transit Finance Convinces Hacker to Return $2m to Protocol

Earlier this month, Transit Finance, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, unveiled it was hacked for $21 million, marking the sheet as one of the latest protocols to suffer exploitation this year. In an unusual turn of events, the protocol has come out to announce that from its conversation with the biggest hacker, there is an agreement to return a[Read more…]

BNB Chain Partners with Google Cloud to Enhance Web3 DApps

While there is a growth in the number of decentralized cloud infrastructure service providers in the blockchain world, centralized alternatives still have some competitive advantage over protocols looking to host their servers. As a major player in the cloud infrastructure world, Google Clouds has somewhat been less visible when compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS)[Read more…]

BNB Chain Launches Zero-Knowledge Proof Scaling Tech

According to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, the zero-knowledge proof is an option for long-term solutions for decentralised blockchain scalability. The zero-knowledge proofs utilise mathematical proofs to allow the verification of specific data without the requirement to reveal the details. BNB Chain is a part of Binance’s Layer 1 protocol which is the most widely adopted in Layer[Read more…]

BNB Chain Partners with University of Zurich to Boost Blockchain Education

Binance-backed smart contract platform BNB Chain has announced a new partnership with the Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich to participate in the forthcoming three weeks of the University’s International Summer Schools for blockchain education. With a central theme to explore a “Deep Dive into Blockchain,” students will be educated on the essentials of[Read more…]

Meta Apes Explores The BNB Application Sidechain To Merge Web2 and Web3 Gaming Functionality

Blockchain scalability remains a hot topic among developers and enthusiasts. The BNB Chain team recently introduced its application-specific sidechain to resolve some of these concerns. Meta Apes, the play-to-earn MMO, is expanding to the BNB Application Sidechain to enhance its Web3 potential Source : The Purpose of The BNB Application Sidechain Announced a few months ago,[Read more…]