King Finance Launches to Immediate Success, Reaches Over $12M in Market Cap

Like a phoenix from the ashes, King Finance emerges after resurrecting the old King Floki project and is looking for long-term success.

The Return of King Finance

King Finance launched on BNB Chain and immediately saw success. The token rocketed to $0.18, a 6x increase from the launch price of $0.03 on February 4 .

The market capitalization of the new token also saw a big increase, going from around $3 million to over $12 million. The market cap shot up over 4x! Staking is already available for token holders on the King Finance website and nearly $4 million has been staked at the time of writing.


The project from King is a long time coming. Behind the hard work of well-known Binance influencer Travladd, the new King Finance has reemerged after a rebrand and quiet building during the bear market. Available on BNB Chain, King’s token $KING echoed the influence of Travladd and CEO Benson with its success out of the gate.

The King Finance ecosystem, as mentioned, has been quietly stacking and building in the bear market. The team is not going to rest on any initial laurels, with several major products already lined up.

The King Finance ecosystem has three major product verticles on the horizon: gaming, real estate, and launchpads. The King Pad launchpad is expected in Q1 of 2023 and much more is expected throughout the rest of the year. King Finance will be an exciting follow for 2023.

The team at King Finance also confirmed that audits from CertiK plus listings on popular sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are on the way. Each of these is a welcoming step to mainstream crypto success. The real success will be if the products promised can deliver on the hype.

What is King Finance:

Launched as King Floki by a different team in 2021, KING was then taken over and purchased by one of the highly recognized teams within the crypto industry to become a brand of the people, to become unique, to become KING. KING is the mother company in charge of the development of three highly innovative services in decentralized finance. KING is nowadays amongst the most complete and unique businesses within the industry, including an all-interactive and creative metaverse, a launchpad for start-up funding and investor’s security, and a real estate company with proportional returns to shareholders.

Where to find King Finance:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube |

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