Cure Token Lands on First Major Exchange, LBank

Cure Token has a big month ahead in January with several updates and developments incoming.

Cure Token Lands on LBank

Pada Cure Token has announced an official token listing on the centralized exchange, LBank. The listing will begin on Thursday, January 13 at 22:00 UTC and will be the first major exchange for the charity token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

The announcement was teased on Twitter for a few days beginning on January 8, only to be officially confirmed two days later. The Cure Token, $CURE, has seen a mild boost in the meantime, rising nearly 7%, according to CoinGecko. With beating child cancer on their mind, the team at Cure is interested in far more than money, and the listing on LBank is just the start of Cure’s broader campaign heading into 2022.

“This is our first exchange listing of many to come, and the first is always very critical,” Cure Token disclosed to CO-Founder. “Our project is you, by achieving every major milestone that any project would be envious of.”


The listing is just the start of a busy month for Cure token. The project first launched the CURE Pay fiat on-ramp launched in early January. The on-ramp accepts PayPal, Venmo, and several credit and debit cards. Yes, a direct credit card on-ramp to BSC.

“We have the LBank announcement today, as well as our 2022 NASCAR sponsorship dropping this week as well,” added the Cure Token Team. “Additionally, the CURE Pay launch has been successful and is the cheapest on-ramp for and BSC crypto out there.”

The burgeoning charity token on Binance Smart Chain has several other updates lined up, including a NASCAR partnership, staking expansion to Ethereum, and a Certik Audit. NASCAR partnerships have been helpful for tokens like Doge Coin and Baby Doge Coin, and it should be a positive sign for a car to host a token looking to eradicate childhood cancer.

What is Cure Token?

CURE Token dikembangkan pada tahun 2021 untuk mendukung kesadaran dan penelitian kanker anak. CURE jauh lebih besar dari satu penyebab. Sementara CURE hari ini dirancang untuk mendukung kanker anak, CURE akan memperluas jangkauan globalnya untuk mendukung semua yayasan dan badan amal yang mendukung penyakit anak lainnya segera. Masa depan dari titik itu adalah perluasan di luar penyakit anak-anak dan kanker ke penyakit bencana dan mengancam jiwa lainnya.

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