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Binance Melengkapi 18 Membakar BEP-95 Mendapat Memasak

The BNB Auto-Burn feature powered by the new BEP-95 mechanism has accelerated the burn rate of BNB. BEP-95 Burning Mechanism Completes 18th BNB Burn  Binance has completed its 18th Binance Coin (BNB) Burn and its first quarterly BNB Auto-Burn. Binance Blog on January 17th January disclosed that a total of 1,684,387.11 BNB was removed from circulation.  The figure also includes[Read more…]

Binance US CEO Brian Shroder Pens Letter Looking Ahead to 2022

In a letter to the crypto community Binance US CEO is confident of building on the incredible success the organization has already enjoyed thus far. ‍ New Year’s Message from Binance US CEO The Binance US Chief looked forward to the year ahead as he penned a list of important initiatives Binance will be working[Read more…]

Binance Announces Start to MVB IV Program

Important information regarding how the latest iteration of the incubation program MVB IV will work. ‍ A Glimpse at MVB IV Alongside Binance Smart Chain’s 2022 New Year KickOff came the much-anticipated launch of the fourth round of Most Valuable Builder, with infrastructure, NFT, and DeFi lego projects invited to participate. The Most Valuable Builder program is[Read more…]

SecondLive Begins Metaverse Event Celebrating Binance Smart Chain

The event from SecondLive is shaping to be the first major group event on BSC of 2022. BSC Xmas and New Years Event 2022 And its live! The MVB Pavillion built by the SecondLive team is finally up and running as of January 6. The metaverse arena debuts alongside a massive event coordinated with Binance Smart Chain[Read more…]

CEO Binance AS Berbicara kepada Komunitas untuk Pertama Kalinya Sejak Penunjukan

CEO baru berharap untuk beralih dari masa lalu dan memastikan bahwa konsumen menjadi pusat perhatian dalam memperkirakan perkembangan di Binance.US. Shroder Puts Customers First It has been nearly a month since Binance appointed Brian Shroder CEO, and nearly two since he joined initially as President. During these months, we’ve seen very little of[Read more…]

NFT “Ori” Afrika Khusus Diluncurkan Secara Eksklusif di Binance NFT

The NFTs were launched on Binance Smart Chain’s top marketplace to promote charity in Africa. African “Ori” NFTs Debuts on Binance NFT Marketplace  The Binance Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace remains one of the most widely used platforms for showcasing the best NFT collections on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The latest NFT collection to feature on the top marketplace is[Read more…]

Bintang Bulanan MVB III Binance Smart Chain Diumumkan untuk Oktober

The final Monthly Stars have been announced before the official winning top 10 is announced at the end of November. Latest Monthly Stars to Shine for BSCs MVB III An array of projects on Binance’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) III have distinguished themselves, exemplifying their ability to remain relevant and effective and follow in the[Read more…]

CEO Binance, CZ, Menguraikan Ekspansi Eropa Exchange

Binance’s CEO eyes France as a natural choice for its European expansion plan by establishing its headquarters within the local jurisdiction Digital Asset Service Provider by 2022 Binance forays into Europe through France to obtain the status of a Digital Asset Service Provider by 2022, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) tells Les Echos in an exclusive interview. Binance recently announced its involvement with France Fintech, a[Read more…]

Binance: Pembakaran ke-17 BNB Berakhir

Binance cryptocurrency exchange’s native Binance Coin’s (BNB) 17th (quarterly) burn has just concluded. Following the event, 1,335,888 BNB (or US$639,462,868) are now removed from circulation. Further, as for the BNB Pioneer Burn Program, in the current burn phase, 17,839 BNB coins are now burned. Burn events essentially make cryptocurrencies taken out of circulation on a permanent basis, to decrease supply[Read more…]

Binance Akan Menghentikan Perdagangan Yuan Pada Bulan Desember

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume traded and the most contentious in recent months, is enacting new limitations in mainland China to comply with the country’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies. Binance also stated that it has denied access to its platform to users in China. Accounts connected to the crypto exchange will be[Read more…]