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Sunflower Land Release Half-Year Roadmap

The farming simulation project expands on the new features and when they expect them to become available. Planting The Seeds Sunflower Land, a PlayandOwn project on Polygon currently in Beta, recently released its plans for the project for the next six months. The team announced their half-year roadmap through a Tweet on May 18. Sunflower[Read more…]

HamsterCoin’s V2 Contract Runs Ahead After Exploit

The community-driven memecoin project on BNB Chain bounced back by relaunching its Swap token following the massive exploit on its MasterChef and SmartChef smart contracts.  HamsterCoin Launch V2 Contract HamsterCoin faced one of BNB Chain’s most significant exploits on its CHEESE Swap Token’s contract, prompting its developers to relaunch its swap token, $CHEESE. The new[Read more…]

Fantom Foundation Unveils fUST, Native Stablecoin of Network

Fantom Foundation jumps on the stablecoin bandwagon with a proposal for fUST backed by $FTM. Risk Assets as Collateral Fantom Foundation floats the idea of launching their own native stablecoin, fUSD through over-collateralization backed by staked $FTM. Fantom is a layer-1 smart contract platform and its native on-chain asset is $FTM.  Fantom distance itself from[Read more…]

Algoracle Evolves, Rebrands to Goracle

With the rebranding, the oracle is set to foster DeFi adoption on Algorand. Switching Things Up Algoracle, the decentralized oracle network on the Algorand blockchain, has revealed that it has rebranded to Goracle. The development is a major milestone and will kickstart an era of global expansion within the blockchain ecosystem.  Algoracle has already made[Read more…]

Floki Unveils Ecosystem Plans as Project Pushes Forward

The project is preparing to consolidate the exceptional following it has attained through solidifying its ecosystem.  Floki Offers an Insight  BSC News caught up with Floki Inu as the project develops its ecosystem and builds on the eye-catching partnerships it has established in recent months.  Core contributor ‘B, The Viking’ sat with BSC News and helped shed light on the project’s future[Read more…]

Tank Battle Talks PvP Timeline

The team targets the first week of June for the release of the PvP feature for the strategy gaming blockchain project. PvP Timeline Tank Battle, a PlayAndOwn blockchain game on the BNB Chain, shared some developments regarding their Player-versus-Player (PvP) feature. The team shared the initial timeline for their PvP feature through a Tweet on May 2 that contained a recap of[Read more…]

How Does the BUSD Stablecoin Work?

Binance is actively ensuring widespread that education on stablecoins, particularly their own, is made available for users in light of the LUNA fiasco. A Stable Stablecoin? Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance expands access to its regulated, licesened, and fiat-backed BUSD stablecoin.  In a blog posted on Binance on May 16, the exchange detailed a number of[Read more…]

Flow Blockchain Explodes with $725 Million Fundraise

The sum and names involved suggest there is a lot of belief surrounding the growth of Flow’s ecosystem, and Dapper Labs certainly believes in the potential of the chain.  Blockchain Ecosystem Significant Support Flow Blockchain has made what they describe as the biggest joint commitment made to any blockchain ecosystem. Though that claim can be[Read more…]

Chainlink Roundup: New Hire and UNXD VRF Integration

With an impressive new hire on board, Chainlink is looking ahead in the face of fresh integrations that will see UNXD utilizing Chainlink VRF.  New Hire, Same Exciting Integrations In this week’s roundup, Chainlink announced the hiring of an all-new Chief Product Officer, Kemal El Moujahid, the former Director of Product Management for TensorFlow at[Read more…]