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Retro Doge Staking Pools Now Available On Safeswap Online

Safeswap Online is extending its staking pools, giving Retro Doge users the chance to join the newly opened Staking pools on their site. Retro Doge, a Binance Smart Chain-based Play To Earn NFT Game project, has recently announced a staking pool for its native token, $RTDOGE. Retro Doge, the most recent crypto craze, is a[Read more…]

🔵 RTDOGE Staking Pool is Live ⚪️

RetroDoge (previously known as 8BitDoge) is going to launch a staking pool on SafeSwap upcoming Friday. An amazing game is being developed and SafeSwap is proud to be an official staking pool partner. About RetroDogeA monument to the times when games were simple and things just worked right – the golden 90s with its SNES[Read more…]

🔵 SafeSwap supports Terra Luna towards Recovery ⚪️

Our hearths and mind go out towards the company owners, team members, project investors from Terra Luna. Nobody enjoys what has taken place in the market and the most important thing from hereon is finding a way to recover together. What happened? The sudden and dramatic fall from grace ravaged the coin’s market cap, taking[Read more…]

TCG World partners with Shark Tank backed Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention (JPiC) to co-host The Metaverse Expo 2022, Las Vegas

The Metaverse Expo 2022 is a 3-day event held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on 8th – 10th July 2022 that will bring together entrepreneurs, industry experts, and crypto enthusiasts in the Metaverse, Gaming, and NFT Space. Showcasing a wide range of exhibitors, The Metaverse Expo 2022 features a host of key speakers & panelists[Read more…]

BNB Chain Announces Opera’s Crypto Browser Integration, Giving Opera Users Access to Its dApp Ecosystem

BNB Chain, the largest smart contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and host to a plethora of community-driven, decentralized and censorship-resistant dApps (decentralized applications) today announces the successful integration with Opera, [NASDAQ: OPRA], the popular multi-platform web browser, across Android, iOS and desktop iterations of its Crypto Browser.  The integration will allow users to buy the[Read more…]

🔵 Immediate delisting of the UND Currency ⚪️

Unfortunately we have decided to delist the token UND from the BSC Network on SafeSwap Online. The past few days we made our end of the month token sales from several currencies as we always do to cover the cost of development and maintenance. We also included UND this month, unfortunately due to a mistake[Read more…]

SafeSwap is All Ready to Collaborate with InpulseX For Staking Pools

The world of cryptocurrency is getting bigger with every passing day. If you are into crypto and digital assets, you will be well aware of SafeSwap due to its huge popularity and success. Yet, a positive outcome is about to come in the world of cryptocurrency as SafeSwap is partnering with Inpulse X. SafeSwap is[Read more…]

AAptitude To Collaborate With SafeSwap – Buys Pool of 3 Months That Leads To Implanting of 100 Trees

When you’re head over heels into crypto, you may know about AAptitude and SafeSwap. Both of these brands are equally recognized and popular marketplaces and a collaboration between the two is something fascinating. Don’t you think so? AAptitude has decided to invest in the SafeSwap project by buying 500 swaps worth $150. SafeSwap will plant[Read more…]

Banksy Farm DAO V2 Pre-Sale – All You Need to Know

The Presale of Banksy Version 2 just started on March 27th, 2022, at 15:00 UTC on the AVAX Farming. This version is designed to be better than before. To certify Banksy Version 2, they collaborated with the Sandman Finance team. Sandman’s finance team made an effort to create something exceptional for all crypto enthusiasts. They[Read more…]

Banksy Farm | The First Treasury Multi Token Pre-Sale

Banksy Farm is the first-ever multi-network yield farm to introduce a dual-purpose token for farming & ownership. They opted to leverage a nice feature: dual-purpose token, as part of their implementation of the Kurama protocol. With their Smart NFT, you’ll be able to improve your farming. So the wait is over as they are here[Read more…]