Binance Pool Establishes New Partnership with UltimusPool

The partnership will provide added incentives to energy conscious miners who use renewable sources.

Crypto ‘Pool’ Party

Binance Pool, the cryptocurrency mining platform of global exchange Binance, has partnered with UltimusPool to provide enhanced user features and better rewards. 

Announced via the Binance Blog on June 29, Binance Pool will see UltimusPool operate as a technical services provider. UltimusPool will provide a pool servicing platform to attract miners and give users the ability to access mining rewards and earn daily payouts. 

“UltimusPool consists of industry experts with a deep understanding and experience in the pool industry,” said Denny Wu, Director of Binance Pool. “To fulfill our long-term goal of making mining accessible to everyone and providing users with a seamless mining experience, UltimusPool will keep expanding the tech team to focus on building the product,” added Sofia Li, CEO of UltimusPool. 


As cryptocurrency mining comes under increased scrutiny for energy usage, UltimusPool aims to combat this by incentivizing eco-friendly miners. Any miner that utilizes renewable energy sources or can demonstrate how they are reducing their carbon footprint will be offered pool fee discounts and other incentives. 

UltimusPool has also partnered with CCA and the Energy Web Blockchain as part of its climate-conscious initiative. UltimusPool has launched a BTC mining pool with plans to release BCH, ETH, LTC, ETC, DOGE and more. 

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