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Hero Fusion Makes a Comeback in Thetan Arena

The community favorite event, which last appeared in May, is back with additional features. Tweaking The Fusion Thetan Arena, the PlayAndEarn blockchain MOBA game built on the BNB Chain, is bringing back a community favorite event this August. Hero Fusion is coming back with some new features, according to a Twitter announcement from the Thetan Arena team. The limited time event[Read more…]

Seedify’s Highest APY Pool Closing to Ensure Sustainability

While the pool is closing, Seedify plans to continue offering sustainable rewards to users. Introducing Seedify Seedify is a blockchain gaming and NFT-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through access to funding, community, and partnership building, and a full support system to help bring premier blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses to its[Read more…]

MOBOX Tops BNB Blockchain Games for July

Data from DappRadar show MOBOX bringing in more than $9M in incoming value for the month. First Place MOBOX, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on BNB Chain, is the number one BNB game for July according to data from DappRadar. “We have known for a while that users love our platform and continue to use it and enjoy[Read more…]

Floki Expands Memecoin Narrative With Utilities

With Floki’s metaverse game, Valhalla, in the alpha stage, Floki launches FlokiFi to maximize FLOKI token utility. More Than Just a Memecoin? You may define memecoins as cryptocurrencies based on memes, interesting concepts or funny ideas, captured in an image, video or other media – and that have zero to little utility. However, Floki, the memecoin on BNB[Read more…]

RockiApp and Hitlab Launch BNB Chain Music Competition

Music NFT platform and AI music tech company launch $30,000 song competition in partnership with BNB Chain. Part of BNB’s Music NFT Campaign Music NFT platform RockiApp and AI-based music technology company HitLab have teamed up with BNB Chain to host a singing competition where anyone can enter for a chance to win prizes worth $30,000 in BUSD. The competition is[Read more…]

Era7 Announces Seasonal World Cup Tournament

Era7 will inaugurate the World Cup tournament this month as a “Competitive ecological innovation.”. The protocol announces reward format for the event. Seasonal Events to Last Six Weeks Era7 will be inaugurating a World Cup Tournament this August.  Organizers describe it as a ‘carnival event’ in which all users can participate. An exclusive shared with BSC News reveals[Read more…]

Taroverse Burns TARO and TGOLD Tokens

Nearly $100,000 worth of $TARO and $TGOLD were burned by the blockchain game in two days. Burn, Baby, Burn Taroverse, a BNB Chain PlaytoEarn project, burned millions of their two native tokens at the end of July The team burned 5.38M TARO tokens on July 27 (valued at about $34,000), while 11.89M TGOLD tokens were burned a day after (valued at[Read more…]

Mines of Dalarnia Gives Users Chance to Design Game Characters

Three winners will have their “spooky” designs put into the game for Halloween. ‘Mysterious and Spooky’ Fun for the Community ‍Mines of Dalarnia has launched a contest where three users will have their Halloween-themed concept art implemented into the blockchain game as character skins. “Everyone can participate and contribute to the development of the game. It[Read more…]

What Are Vesting Schedules? A Closer Look at PancakeSwap’s IFO Vesting Schedules

Vesting schedules limit the selling pressure of stakeholders and are essential for the growth of any project. Understanding Crypto Vesting Vesting is an essential strategy in the crypto industry. The concept has a major effect on the price of crypto assets. Protocols that utilize the strategy well have a better chance of sustaining and managing[Read more…]

Floki Launches Project L Innovation

With the FlokiFi Locker, tokenized assets are now protected from rugs and hacks. Meet FlokiFi Locker In a recently published roadmap, the developers of the popular meme-project Floki announced plans to launch “Project L.” According to the roadmap, Project L will be deployed to enhance the utility of the project’s FLOKI tokens.  Launched as the first utility[Read more…]