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Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Swingby, Biswap, Tulip Protocol and Metis

Chainlink now supports a cross-chain bridge, a BNB Chain DEX, a yield aggregator on Solana, and an Ethereum L2. Tens of Billions Secured During the past few days, Chainlink continued integrating protocols around the space. From helping secure a cross-chain bridge to powering fair NFT reveals, the oracle is becoming the central infrastructure for the smart contract[Read more…]

No Laughing Matter – 3 Articles on Meme Projects

A selection of articles on some of the most hyped meme projects on BNB Chain. Intensified Memecoin Craze The concept of meme coins or meme tokens is not exactly new. Dogecoin, ‘the father’ of meme coins, was originally launched in December 2013. However, after the endorsement of Dogecoin by renowned entrepreneur and business mogul Elon[Read more…]

How Does the PancakeSwap IFO Work with New iCAKE

To participate in IFO events, participants must have a PancakeSwap profile, obtain iCAKE, and have CAKE tokens ready for use. Pay attention to the start time of the one-hour events! Initial Farm Offerings on PancakeSwap Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs) are a type of token sale event that function through the use of farming features offered through[Read more…]

Rich Quack Deflationary Token: Facts and Myths

Here’s what you need to know about the anti-inflation BNB Chain token Rich Quack (QUACK). The “Rich Quack” Deflationary Token The RichQuack project has kicked off on the BNB Chain (BSC) network. It has announced its anti-inflationary role in the financial market to provide investors an opportunity to safeguard their assets against the falling economy. With a fantastic community[Read more…]

Ethereum’s Rally – Chung’s Weekly Digest (8/4)

Ethereum made substantial gains over the past weeks as optimism began to trickle into the crypto market after Tim Beiko’s announcement of The Merge. Ethereum’s Major Milestone Ethereum ($ETH) briefly dipped below $900 on June 18 but has since staged a remarkable rally to its current price of $1,600 after Tim Beiko, one of the network’s[Read more…]

Baby Moon Floki to Re-Invent the Meme Hype With Utility

Powered by a smart exchange and farm offerings, meme lovers might have found a new gem with Elon’s new hyper-deflationary puppy. What is Baby Moon Floki: Baby Moon Floki is a hyper-deflationary token with a smart exchange system built into the ecosystem. The protocol automatically sends rewards directly to user wallets. Unlike many meme projects,[Read more…]

ApeSwap Unites Ape and Banana NFTs

The merge “will be beneficial for both collections” and aid the development of ApeSwap NFT. Apes + Bananas = ApeSwap NFT ApeSwap is merging the “Non Fungible Ape” (NFA) and “Non Fungible Banana” (NFB) communities into a single ApeSwap NFT community. “Bringing together the Non Fungible Ape and Non Fungible Banana communities will be beneficial for both collections[Read more…]

Rh!noX Aims to Be First Soulbound Token on BNB Chain

BinaryX officially releases whitepaper for Rh!noX NFT collection. NFTs for Credit Scores, Behaviour Analysis, Airdrops BinaryX, a Play to Earn game development company, has released the official whitepaper for Rh!noX, a collection of 10,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that allows owners to use their assets as avatars on GameFi and DeFi apps on BNB Chain. Rh!noX aims to become BNB Chain’s first Soulbound Token,[Read more…]

pSTAKE Finance Announces Supply Allocation Proposal to BNB Chain

The proposal would bring 12 million PSTAKE tokens to PancakeSwap, Alpaca Finance and other platforms. ‍New DeFi Product on BNB Chain Liquid staking platform pSTAKE Finance announced a proposal to allocate 12 million $PSTAKE to promote the project’s expansion to BNB Chain.  Depending on the outcome of the governance vote, the tokens from the project’s Community Development[Read more…]

Okay Bears to Airdrop NFTs That Can Be Redeemed for Physical Gold

Popular Solana NFT collection Okay Bears is holding its first airdrop of NFTs that can be exchanged for real gold. Gold Bears Okay Bears has just announced its first airdrop to the community, giving away 10,000 Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) that can be redeemed for physical gold or cash equivalent. Each “Founders Coin” features a unique combination of hand-drawn[Read more…]