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Will the Soulbound Tokens be the Future of Decentralized Governance?

The contradiction in Decentralized Finance is that it often comes with Centralized Governance. Are SBTs the solution? DeGov and DAO Decentralized Governance, abbreviated as DeGov, is a reference to governance not by an individual or a small group, but instead empowering decision-making to the community of actual users. DeFi protocols often have a governance mechanism[Read more…] Expands NFT Collection With LooksRare Listings is rapidly improving its NFT listings and user experience to attract a new set of customers to the platform. NFT Marketplace Unveils New Features Strengthening its bid to establish a robust Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, recently announced the addition of the LooksRare NFT collection to its repertoire. Users will now be able to purchase LooksRare’s fixed-price listings[Read more…]

Vitalik: ZK-Rollup Will Beat Optimistic in Ethereum Scaling War

Ethereum founder bets ZK-Rollup technology will surpass Optimistic Rollup in the competition for top layer-two scaling solutions on Ethereum. Why ZK-Rollup? At the ETH Seoul event, Vitalik Buterin emphasized that although Optimistic Rollups have a longer development process, the strong fundamentals of Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup) technology will quickly make them the preferred scaling method for the[Read more…]

Can Baby Doge Coin Challenge PancakeSwap as BNB’s Top DEX?

If the new swap gives a good user experience, its use by the huge Baby Doge community may make it a major DEX player. PancakeSwap, BNB DEX King Can any platform possibly dethrone PancakeSwap as the top Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on BNB Chain? Backed by its huge meme-loving community, Baby Doge Coin is going to take a shot. PancakeSwap has long reigned[Read more…]

More User Adoption and Investment Despite the Bear Market: BNB Chain Q2 Report

A drop in DeFi activity on BNB Chain was mitigated by growth in GameFi and NFTs. Growth Through the Bear Market Despite the ongoing bear market, BNB Chain experienced more user adoption during this period as more users joined the network. But an area of concern around the BNB Chain ecosystem is its concentration and dependence on PancakeSwap.[Read more…]

Exobots GameFi Alpha Lands on BNB Chain

The Robotic GameFi project recently concluded a $1,110 prize pool tournament. BNB Chain Tournament Exobots, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game developed by Metron City Games, is built on BNB Chain network. The project, currently in its Alpha stage, hosted a tournament in partnership with BiSwap. Some statistics of the recently concluded event was announced through Twitter on August 7. The tournament[Read more…]

Venus Protocol Tokenomics Aims to Reward Loyal Users, Slash Token Supply

Highlights include the Soulbound Token Venus Prime and major reductions to XVS emissions. Venus Prime to Juice APY on XVS Staking An updated Tokenomics 3.0 presentation by Venus Protocol contains details on the new Venus Prime Soulbound Token, as well as other aspects of the project, such as shrinking the supply of the core XVS token, minimum requirements to[Read more…]

Binance Co-Founder Yi He to Lead Binance Labs

Binance appoints Co-Founder He to head its venture capital and incubation division. ‘Establishing Blockchain Industry Standards’ Leading crypto exchange Binance has appointed Co-Founder He Yi as the head of Binance Labs, its venture capital and incubation division. With this new appointment, 36-year-old He will be responsible for Binance Labs’ global strategy and day-to-day operations. Binance Labs currently manages about[Read more…]

Everdome Secures $10M Commitment From GEM Digital Limited

Hyper-realistic metaverse project Everdome will use the funds on staffing, tech, marketing, partnerships and strategic investments. Strategic Metaverse Investment Hyper-realistic metaverse project Everdome has announced that GEM Digital Limited (GEM) has made an investment commitment of $10 million. “We’re thrilled to partner with and achieve this investment commitment milestone with GEM, which confirms that we’re[Read more…]

Chainlink Won’t Support Integration With Ethereum PoW Forks After The Merge

The largest smart contract protocol will support the new Ethereum Proof of Stake chain. ‘No’ to Proof of Work (PoW) To ensure continuity for protocol users on Ethereum, Chainlink will continue to support the layer-one blockchain after The Merge takes place and Ethereum transitions to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism. However, Chainlink’s oracle engine will not support fork versions of Ethereum based[Read more…]