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New Privileges for VIP Customers on Binance

The new tools are aimed at institutional investors, high-net worth individuals and other VIP customers. Introducing Binance Fund Manager Just a week after the launch of Binance Institutional aimed at supporting institutions, crypto platforms, home offices, high-net worth individuals, crypto miners, asset managers and hedge funds, Binance has deployed the Binance Fund Manager product package to offer[Read more…]

Meet the Rising Stars From the Launchpool Web3 Techstars Accelerator

Nine Web3 startups participated in the Accelerator program’s demo day held on June 30 in Dublin, Ireland. Emerging Startups in Web3 As part of the Launchpool Web3 Techstar Accelerator program, Techstars held a demo day in Dublin, Ireland, on June 30, with participation from nine potential startups in Web3. Techstars is an operational investor supporting Web3 startups on[Read more…]

SafeSwap Invite your friends challenge

Invite 25 of your friends in order to win 10 SWAP Tokens in theSafeSwap Invite your friends challenge. The SWAP Tokens can be staked on SafeSwap the token that can be staked completely fee free on pools for many alternatives. SafeSwap has been around for over one year and has a great amount of[Read more…]

🔵 Swap token is now listed on CCTIP ⚪️

CCTIP exists as a wallet and one-stop-shop to serve all your crypto needs, allowing you to secure, exchange, and grow your crypto assets, while building crypto economy by leveraging bot-enabled features including tipping and community management upon social networks. Moving forward anyone is able to tip the SWAP token directly via the CCTIP Protocol. What[Read more…]

🔵 RTDOGE Staking Pool is Live ⚪️

RetroDoge (previously known as 8BitDoge) is going to launch a staking pool on SafeSwap upcoming Friday. An amazing game is being developed and SafeSwap is proud to be an official staking pool partner. About RetroDogeA monument to the times when games were simple and things just worked right – the golden 90s with its SNES[Read more…]

🔵 SafeSwap supports Terra Luna towards Recovery ⚪️

Our hearths and mind go out towards the company owners, team members, project investors from Terra Luna. Nobody enjoys what has taken place in the market and the most important thing from hereon is finding a way to recover together. What happened? The sudden and dramatic fall from grace ravaged the coin’s market cap, taking[Read more…]

🔵 Immediate delisting of the UND Currency ⚪️

Unfortunately we have decided to delist the token UND from the BSC Network on SafeSwap Online. The past few days we made our end of the month token sales from several currencies as we always do to cover the cost of development and maintenance. We also included UND this month, unfortunately due to a mistake[Read more…]

BNB Chain Approaches 3 Billion Transactions

With its quick transactions and low transaction costs, the BNB chain continues to dominate the industry. BNB Chain Still Tops the Charts  Since its inception in September 2020, BNB Chain has become the most utilized chain in the industry. The chain boasts fast operations and low transaction costs and has recorded groundbreaking numbers in the crypto space. [Read more…]

PancakeSwap Leaks Perpetual Trading and More

The image prompted many users to question PancakeSwap’s originality. Leaked Images of Perpetual Trading on PancakeSwap?  A Twitter frenzy sparked about PancakeSwap following an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session from March 10 hosted on its Discord channel. The leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on BNB Chain replied to a user’s tweet that disclosed a leaked image of the upcoming Perpetual Trading feature.  The user, Forumschris on Twitter, leaked[Read more…]

Banksy — Sandman Collaboration

The Sandman Finance team proudly presents the first implementation of the Kurama Protocol in production.We are currently working intensively together with the Banksy Farm team, to reach a successful implementation of the Kurama Framework in the next version of Banksy Farm. The Banksy Farm implementation will be a selected group of features of the Kurama[Read more…]