Event: Dubai Blockchain Summit 2021

The wait is over for all the investors, enterprises, and startups as the Dubai events are set in October. Take a vacation from your regular work week and join 1000+ senior-level professionals from governments and corporations, as well as selected investors and crypto influencers from all across the world.

Different companies will hold a set of summits to transform the world into a better-decentralized finance industry. To thrive in a continuously changing world, you must evolve as well, and the Dubai Expo is here to help you do just that.

Let’s get to know about the events being held in Dubai in October!

Global DeFI Investment Summit:

The first event that is taking place is the Global Defi Investment Summit. Based on the success of the first edition of the Global DeFi Investment Summit in Dubai, where hundreds of Blockchain pioneers, DeFi projects, VC’s, and business entrepreneurs gathered to discuss DeFi & NFT, the hottest topics within the blockchain ecosystem, GulfXellence decided to launch the second edition of the Summit that is dedicated to innovative technologies

It is bringing together the most prominent names and thoughtful leaders who are actively shaping the DeFi, NFT, and blockchain industries at Global Defi Investment Summit, which will be held in Dubai from 11-12th October 2021. The main focus of the Global DeFi Investment Summit will be on understanding how decentralized finance is transforming the world.

The Summit’s primary objective is to raise worldwide awareness of DeFi, NFT, and blockchain ecosystems by bringing together blockchain and digital asset owners from all over the world. There is a unique space for a live display of DeFi, NFT, and crypto initiatives from across the globe at the Global DeFi Investment Summit. There are around 30 industry executives and experts in attendance.

Trescon WBS World Blockchain Summit:

The second event that will be taking place in Dubai is the World Blockchain Summit by Trescon from the 13th to the 14th of October 2021.

They’ll discuss the Ecosystem Roadmap to Mass Adoption, as well as other topics CBDCs: Motivations, Technology, and Implications of Central Bank Digital Currencies, Give a look at the NFT market and talk about Opportunities and trends, help in changing the landscape of decentralized finance that is an introduction to Mass DeFi.The role of Stablecoin helps to bridge the gap between fiat and Crypto, and lastly, Implementing Blockchain in Business and Navigating Crypto as a Venture Fund.

Through this conference, WBS, you will be able to communicate with blockchain and crypto projects leaders. This Summit will help you establish networks with mena’s foremost investors. Influencers from all over the world will be present during the Summit who are experts in both Crypto and blockchain, and you will get a chance to learn from the most expert leaders.

Several speakers will be present during the conference that will talk about the following topics. One of the speakers, Jonathan Delucia (CTO), will speak from 16:05 to 16:20 on the 13th of October at the World Blockchain Summit. He is listed as a speaker and will talk about Medabots and Vacay.

They make sure that all the attention is on you to help you generate cash for your ICOs/IEOs/STOs/IDOs or shorten your sales cycle like no other event!

GITEX Global:

The year’s biggest tech show is in Dubai from 17 to the 21st of October 2021, sponsored by GITEX Global. GITEX is the first major event following the inauguration of Expo 2020 Dubai. It is where the world community comes together to advance technology and commercial relationships. During this conference, ministers and heads of state will discuss their nations’ victories, problems, and prospects in innovation and knowledge transformation.

Although this tech show has been happening for the past 40 years, there is much more to learn this year lets see what’s new this year?

·        GITEX YouthX:

“GITEX YouthX” helps grow young tech talents by bringing them closer to the practitioner ecosystem each year, reinforcing the region’s digital transformation building blocks.

·        GITEX Data Economy:

The Data Economy is on the way to becoming one of the world’s most outstanding economic sectors, with the market for big data expected to reach USD 243 billion by 2027. They are sharpening the most critical aspects of digital transformation: data science, coding, and development.

·        GITEX Creative Economy:

Meet the creative thinkers and technological revolutionaries who are reshaping the worlds of fashion, sports, music, and art. Celebrating the fusion of technology and creativity over two days of conferences in Dubai. There will be creative economy companies and a Supernova Challenge pitch fight with a specific ‘Creative Economy’ category on the exhibition floor.

We hope you enjoy these conferences, and may it help you expand your network!

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