Axie Infinity Releases Major Gameplay Patch Update

The captcha service that comes with the update got rolled back due to a high volume of requests while the iOS version is yet to be updated.

GameFi Captcha Service On Hold

PlayToEarn blockchain game, Axie Infinity, released game patch, which came with major visual gameplay updates and anti-botting measures to the Axie battles.

One of the many updates that the team behind Axie added on its January 10 game patch release was a change to their anti-botting features. The development team changed its anti-botting captcha service by adding an Axie player’s need to rotate to prove that a human is playing the game instead of a bot. However, due to a large number of requests on their servers, the team suspended this feature. They also revealed that the iOS version of the game is not yet available on TestFlight.

“The captcha service is under high load right now due to the large number of requests to our server. We will temporarily disable it and remove the suspension for everyone who got their account temporarily locked. It will be turned back on after it has been optimized. The iOS version of the game has not yet been updated. We expect it will to be available through TestFlight tomorrow for those who already have a spot in the beta.” Vantalim, Sky Mavis, and Axie DAO team member and support specialist, said through the Discord group of Axie Infinity.


Some trainers seem to have an issue keeping their Axies upright, as trainers reported that their Axies got locked out for a few hours due to the captcha issues. Other trainers reported that there seems to be a bug with the new captcha service, an issue that might be causing the high request load on the Sky Mavis servers, as they’re not clearing the captcha even if the Axies are upright. This caused the developers to roll back the feature and unlock all the Axies that were affected by the new captcha service.

Axies Shed Off Their Wings

The most notable update that comes with the patch is in the visuals of the Axies. The cute creatures no longer levitate on the ground, an image trainers got used to seeing since playing the game. The battle visuals also seem to have changed. 

Aside from the additional visual added when using the card, Scarab, the battle animation seems to have a faster feel to it even if the Axies need to walk to their opponents to perform a melee move making for a quicker outcome to PvP battles.

Among the other updates that come with the patch are bug fixes. Players’ inventory now show the correct number of $SLP, corrupted Axie images have been handled, disconnection issues, as well as insufficient permission bugs, are now fixed. 


An anti-spamming feature under the friend request tab of the game was added by allowing a mass decline of requests and the blocking of spammers. The battle history also makes it return as the feature is now back to being saved on Sky Mavis’ servers.

Could this be an update needed before they finally roll out additional gameplay features like Axie Origin or Land gameplay?

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