ALL Day NFL Coming as Official NFT Marketplace for American Football

The waitlist for first access is already open!

First NFL NFT Marketplace

The first officially licensed NFL NFT marketplace has finally got a name: ALL Day NFL. The new name came a few months after the NFL inked a deal with Dapper Labs, and should be the equivalent of the successful NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace. 

The All Day NFL marketplace and website have not yet officially launched. The site is currently a landing page for prospective fans to sign-up for the waitlist to be first in line for the upcoming news. The waitlist requires a Dapper Labs account and a few signup requirements. 

The Twitter account has teased several features including details about the tiers, packs, special editions, and more. The hype is already building with the page featuring a number of popular players, including 2020 MVP Patrick Mahomes who retweeted the All Day account’s teaser of his upcoming NFTs.

Dapper Labs will host the NFT marketplace on its own Flow blockchain where fans will be able to purchase NFT packs of moments and players. Dapper Labs has the official licensing approval of the NFL so fans should expect full exposure of all the best action both on the field and off. 

“Become a owner of these NFL memories.. Proud to be an investor in @dapperlabs…   @rohamg @nflallday coming soon!!! #NFLALLDAY,” tweeted Rodney McLeod, safety for Philadelphia Eagles and Super Bowl LII champion.

The NFL is the largest sports league in the US, and has the clout to swing a significant amount of attention and money into the system. The ability for the NFL to help onboard and magnify the image of crypto, blockchain, and NFTs is huge and will go far towards helping the mainstream. 


The NFL has notably lagged behind other leagues in both the United States and the world in terms of adopting NFTs and blockchain technology. Once the NFL needs lawyers and legal advisors to work compliance, it will also have an incentive to lobby those in Washington to ease as well. The growth of All Day NFL will be interesting to monitor and it will show quite a bit if it can be a successful as the NBA’s Top Shot.

Where to find more about All Day NFL:

Website | Twitter | Discord 

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